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  1. But if Dean is there I’m grabbing Dean over anyone
  2. And by the way the PFN simulator is really cool because it already updates for pics that are taken so you start from where you are right now
  3. At the risk of being ridiculed I played the PFN draft simulator today about 50 times. What I have learned from that is that you have to grab offensive talent with the first pick then a linebacker with the second then You can get two more BPA’s and ended in the fifth round with a safety like woods. Every time I didn’t follow the wide receiver followed by a linebacker I got screwed royally every single time
  4. If we keep drafting well like good teams we keep who we can and want and draft their replacements
  5. 100% especially safety which is a so so position and yusef corker/ jt woods will be there in the 5th we need pickens, mcbride, watson, pierce, breece, tonight. (unless dean is still there)
  6. Yes they are being praised for this round as one of the best but really???? Its a so so first for them. Not bad but nothing worthy of mention
  7. Because the needs of the teams picking before us were different?
  8. Safety is deep af and not important! Wait till the 4/5! o play maker needed unless dean drops mcbride, rb, ierce, watson that kinda thing
  9. Watson can be a sick weapon. pierce is another big fast weapon we need to score points. We got a new de, cb and some fa help as well as lawson returning. We need points!
  10. Pickens or watson. we need to go offense or other offensive weapons
  11. If the jets are doing my dual edge idea, i like it
  12. Imagine sauce, wilson, mafe and mcbride with the first 4. Whyball the bitching lol
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