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  1. I agree with this. Football games are won in the trenches.
  2. BugZy

    Kay Adams!

    I'm too old, too dumb, too fat, and too ugly to paste a pic. besides, I don't know how.
  3. BugZy

    Kay Adams!

    Sportin' a NY Jet shirt on Good Morning Football this morning. If she liked to fish she would be the perfect woman.
  4. The Jets are in the same situation as the 2004 San Diego Chargers. The Chargers starting QB was Brees. Well, the Chargers traded for Rivers (2004) and let Brees walk after the 2005 season. Why the comparison? Because Brees is a great QB. However, the Chargers let him sign with New Orleans in 2006 and went with Rivers. They gave up on Brees, and the rest is history. Now, why am I bringing this up? Darnold and Brees are pretty close stat wise after their first three seasons. Brees played 42 games between 2002 to 2004. He threw for 8551 yards, 55 TD's, and had 38 interceptions. Darnold in his first 38 games has thrown for 8097 yards and 45 Td's and has thrown 39 interceptions. By no means am I saying that Darnold is better than Brees. I'm saying lets not give up on Darnold too soon. Lets give him a good offensive line and a couple more weapons (WR or two, good rb) and see what happens. I would love for the Jets to draft Sewell, and sign Thuney (sp). I think that's what Sam needs.
  5. Are they going to add a 17th game this year?
  6. I think they will whip them Titans today.
  7. How about the Blair Thomas Debacle? That might just beat the Gholston pick as the worst in Jet history.
  8. Maybe Aman-Ra can bring the Jets back to life!
  9. My least favorite of all time is Blair Thomas but I chose Vernon Ghosten. He was a dud.
  10. If the Jets were an animal they would be a possum.
  11. A Kinlaw pick would make me throw-up in my mouth, and I live in South Carolina.
  12. I became a die hard Jets fan in 1969, superbowl three. I also remember the Jets beating the college allstars in a close one soon after. I've been in love with the Jets ever since.

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