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  1. A Kinlaw pick would make me throw-up in my mouth, and I live in South Carolina.
  2. I became a die hard Jets fan in 1969, superbowl three. I also remember the Jets beating the college allstars in a close one soon after. I've been in love with the Jets ever since.
  3. It's my fault dammit! I knew when I started posting that I would lower the collective IQ of this board substantially.
  4. Bring back Leahy.... bring back Leahy! Oh just sign the girl already.
  5. Bell from 10 yards out with 9 and a half minutes left in the first
  6. Possibilities! The possibilities with this team are endless....Go Jets!
  7. Just sign the girl and let her kick for us. Either that or dig up Pat Leahy.
  8. Ah man...They let Stout go. He's from my Alma Mater!

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