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  1. Definitely Huff off the edge. The man gives a 100% every play and has a nose for the QB.
  2. How about a screen pass, or a dump off occasionally. I think that would help Zach a little.
  3. I think we will surprise some people and just may win the game. Regardless, it won't be a blowout.
  4. Amendola has been great today. We can win this game.
  5. I'm no expert but I pick the Jets overwhelmingly. We owe them Punthers!
  6. Ya'll are remembered here in the mountains of NC. I pray that God really blesses you and your family in a very real and touching way. God is in the miracle business. Love ya'll and God bless you all, and everyone on this thread.
  7. I remember when Carolina got their first ever franchise win against the Jets. We need to pay them back every time we play them. Go Jets, make them pay! I look forward to next weeks prediction.
  8. I just saw where the Saints cut JR Sweezy. We should pick him up.
  9. Hey guys, you think Snoop actually hit that?
  10. 7-10! I think we will be up and down this season winning against; Patriots once , Miami once, Falcons, Jaguars, Bengals, Texans, and Eagles.
  11. I'm with you DWC: Keep Kenny....Keep Kenny
  12. We need all of our big uglies ready for Carolina. C'mon boys get well soon.
  13. I don't know about you guys, but I am very glad to get away from Green Bay! Get well soon men.
  14. I think I am in. I think I am Ken's Quality Team. Thanks Patriot Killa!
  15. Thanks for trying for me Patriotkilla. I don't think that I will get in in time.
  16. It's still showing the league as being full. I think you need to send me another link. Sorry for all the trouble.
  17. I tried to join but the league is full. Is there any way you could expand league or run two different leagues?
  18. I'm good 24/7 Patriot Killa. Thank you for the opportunity to play.
  19. And the Jets beat the college allstars 26-24!
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