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  1. Poor kid never had a chance. Nah Just kidding. Congratulations on your child.
  2. I hope you get well soon Jet_Engine. I'll be praying for you.
  3. I see dead people!
  4. Wait a dadgum minute! I thought X/O X/O was a valentine thing.
  5. I agree Jenkins at 23! We need some big uglies up front to give Wilson more time to make a play.
  6. Yes! More Jet football. I love it.
  7. I like his plan. Welcome to the board Henrique.
  8. I hope we take Sewell, and draft a guard later in the draft. Games are won at the line of scrimmage. Lets give the QB more time.
  9. I sure hope we can get one or both. Connor especially.
  10. Do you know if we are after any more free agents?
  11. This is the best plan yet. Football games are won or lost in the trenches.
  12. NC State: Rivers (retired), Finley, Brissett, Wilson, Glennon.
  13. yeah, they don't stay tight ends for long. lol! I feel for the victim.
  14. Thank You Jetnation for giving me a place to go vent my Jet angst. I love coming here. Happy Birthday Jetnation
  15. I'm a little older than ten, but I thought a few of them were funny!
  16. Just let him sit out a year and sign him next year ala Bell (could we do that?). Of course that would mean another year with Darnold. I could handle one more year of Darnold if the trad-off is Watson.
  17. Yea! Thuney is my first choice too. I hope we can sign him. He is a definite need.
  18. I feel very good with this coaching staff. I think we will win the superbowl in three years.
  19. Sign a couple good guards, and draft a good tackle and our line is solid.
  20. Rip Jetman, now you have the best seat in the house. I'm praying for your family and yourself.
  21. I agree with this. Football games are won in the trenches.
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