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  1. Fales is our backup to a recovering Sam? I’m starting to wonder if JD has any idea what he’s doing
  2. Led by Chris Christie who will prob share a box with Jerry Jones, who I think is generally an awful human. I will never understand the middle age white man crush on this team. They play in Texas! You live in Patterson! 🤦‍♂️ Thanks to the rant I need it before tmrw. Go Jets.
  3. Disagree completely. We spent a ton. Got playmakers like Bell, Mosley and Sam was in year 2. We spent money (somehow) on our oline. We got a brand new coach and scheme so we win games. i feel like jet fans every year say “this was never Gona be our year” well when is? Seriously we gotta stop letting this team off the hook so much
  4. Yikes. I have worn my jets jersey to games for years and rooted for my team. There is never an excuse to hit someone over sports
  5. As a guy who often attends road games. Stay safe.... https://dailysnark.com/eagles-fan-beats-the-crap-out-of-jets-fan-while-on-the-back-of-another-fan/
  6. Tell you what. Isn’t the jets defense we are losing games.
  7. Sar are you watching? We aren’t even competitive. One offensive touchdown in 14 quarters
  8. What do you do? After spending a lot of money your team is an utter joke. Your coach looks lost, your offense has scored one touchdown all season, your prized 1st rounder has done little. What’s the next move?
  9. This is the worst jet team in a long long time. It’s like Wagner college snuck in the SEC
  10. It’s all good Leveon will have a real positive tweet after this

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