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  1. I see a lot of you guys falling off your joe Douglas is amazing horse when we enter Andy dalton/Tannehill as QB 1 and Zach as 2 Then you will get even more upset as Saleh try’s to sell you on it because of the defense. Then eventually lose a late December game due to poor QB play to get knocked out the playoffs yet again. 2024. We start all over. Ah the cycle
  2. Complain about wins and losses and quarterbacks but don’t want him “meddling” so who’s to blame? Coaches? GMs? or woody Johnson? Cant have it both ways. by the way
  3. Jim Irrisay is a raging alcoholic with DWI's under his belt Woody was just the Ambassador to the UK for the United States government But this is the opinion of a guy wearing a tank top with a budlight can on his desk.
  4. Never understood the "Woody hate" thing. Always seemed to me like an easy scapegoat during this 12 year playoff draught. Has Woody been perfect? No. Has Woody been a terrible owner? I would also argue no. Lets take an unbiased look at his record. 1) Buys the Jets in January of 2000. 2) In his first 3 years as owner, Jets do not have a losing record. Brings in Herm Edwards after first season as GM after stop gap coach Al Groh is let go by Johnson. 3) Herm Edwards teams make playoffs 3 out of 5 seasons (imagine that Jet fans) with two double digit win seasons. 4) After a bad 4-12 5th year at the helm, brings in Mangini, a much talked about hire at the time. Makes playoffs first year, bad second season, actually a winning record 9-7 in his 3rd year but no playoffs, let go. 5) Johnson hires Rex Ryan! Takes team to AFC Championship twice! Only 2 losing seasons in 6 seasons at helm. Makes right call and lets go of Rex after 6 seasons. 6) Hired Todd Bowles, a MUCH praised hire in 2015, team goes 10-6 and then lets him fledge around for 3 more seasons. 7) Takes UK ambassadrship and Chris Johnson hires Gase. 8. Brother hires Saleh. Since his return it has looked like Joe Douglas still makes football decisions and coach seems to have alot of flexibility, even so much as to bench the number 2 pick in season 2. All that aside, seems to pay contacts when asked, built a state of the art facility in Florham Park and has no crazy scandals (see Commanders) etc to speak of. What do you mean by meddling? Like an owner who doesnt have any interest in the team? Thats not going to happen. He owns the ****ign team. Does he do press conferences every game like JJ in Dallas or a physocpath like the guy in Carolina or DC? What meddling? How is this guy such a bad owner. Seems like lazy analysis to me.
  5. What’s the false narrative? Because Daniel Jeremiah says you have to draft a guy you do? There been numerous articles about the Zach pro day and how it solidified his 2 pick
  6. BAN Pro days.....we learned our Zach lesson. Throwing in shorts is NOT THE NFL
  7. Well i do know you are kind of a condescending prick Yea, guess what grandpa.......not happening without a QB
  8. Give me carr or Rodgers busting any day risk over minshew brisset
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