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  1. To some around here. Any bad decision by front office is because the Johnsons have a say. Then they celebrate good decisions and say how happy they are JD makes all the calls… Conflict logic much?
  2. This is some BAD logic. The Jets aren’t exactly a dominating offense. If you can’t get in the end zone you try to get points on the board with a FG attempt. Moreover in close games your entire strategy could result around how good your kicker is. Acting like a kicker isn’t a vital roster piece is some backwards you know what thinking.
  3. Yea because you all were giving Mac 3 years before judging his picks
  4. JD isn’t exactly the kicker whisperer. Let’s hope he brings in some kicking consultants before he picks the next one
  5. Jets got the offset they split down the middle
  6. Or dances. The boomers are especially triggered by young players dancing
  7. He’s the GM!!! It’s not an assumption
  8. Guys with your conspiracy theories....collecting interest on his money? is this real? These guys are billionares Its JD being JD....its well known he likes to play hard, ask Robby
  9. Seriously, what’s going on here. This isn’t hard. JD rolled the dice with the sam trade and taking Wilson…now he wants to stall the kid that has zero back up going into the season. Yes just trot the kid out there sep 12 what could go wrong. This is wrong on so many levels. Get deal done and swallow your pride. We are the Jets, we don’t exactly have the street cred to be widdling guys down on language
  10. JD is being silly here… Like bro who do you think we are? We went 2-14 last year. We don’t have the cred to try to widdle down people in contract negotiations over language sign the guy and stop embarrassing your self
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