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  1. Only Jet Fans would doubt a 25 year old stud who threw 33 touchdowns and 7 ints last year and prior to last year led his team to two double digit win seasons? Yea they went 4-12 last year? Whats your guys standard, the damn messiah?
  2. Mimms was early second round....i said 3rd. Not to sure Hall starts next year with a healthy roster. Davis was trash. Why do you feel he can start
  3. I had to endure a season of Jet fans rooting for our opponents because 1 QB was gona change the team..... What happened?
  4. You put alot of faith in non 1st rounders developing into starters. Not one person outside the 2nd round from last years draft turned out to be a reliable starter in their position unless you include the punter, who really didnt even punt to well when you look the stats.
  5. Jet fans are SO cheap lol SO scared of getting "fleeced" Sometimes you gotta pay up to WIN! HES A FRANCHISE QB AT 25!!!! GO GET HIM (WATSON THAT IS)
  6. YESS This is excellent news for jets fans!! Another QB needy team
  7. We need to give up the house for him. It gives you a top 5 qb. When have we ever had that. You can keep the big haul of ashy Ashton Davis type picks and next years 1
  8. The hottest hc candidate And hottest qb on the market both wanted... to come to the Jets! The stars are aligning!
  9. Was this written by JD This was the excuse train for Morgan, Zuniga, Davis and Perrine. Bottom line didn’t see anything in year 1. If the excuse is “we threw them to the wolves” aka a tanking team, why does that excuse not hold up for Sam?
  10. Get Watson. Game over. Any of these QBs we draft could very easily be busts. Sam I think can improve but ceiling is a top 15 QB not top 5 like Watson. Get Watson
  11. Correct. The “power structure” is a show. The owner is the owner

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