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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nj.com/jets/2019/12/jets-sam-darnold-may-actually-be-2nd-coming-of-brett-favre-5-takeaways-observations-from-lopsided-loss-to-ravens.html%3foutputType=amp
  2. Read the news every now and then tool bag
  3. Anyone who follows this forum knows I been making this point for weeks now it’s seems to be getting more traction in the media and on here as Sam continues to make amazing throws followed by head scratching ints. That said Brett Favre went to the pro bowl 11 times, the playoffs 12 times, threw over 500 tds, won a super bowl and went to the hall of fame. So if you are telling me we drafted the next Brett Favre personally I’m not to upset. Sam is a gunslinger, get used to it. Some ints are Gona happen that make you want to scream. Once you solidify this o line tho the good will far outshine the bad. Lamar jackson is what is hot now. The way he runs and take hits I could see a very Michael Vick ending but we will see. Josh Rosen was a complete bust and mayfield is not living up to expectations. The other 18 qb playing decent right now is Allen but time will tell. Sam is a good qb and a good one for the long run.
  4. Man we had 2 shots and couldn’t even come away with 3 that said we are kinda hanging with the ravens
  5. I have no idea what sam was trying to do there anyone else know?
  6. Sam is playing well. He had a guy in his face and made the best throw he could

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