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  1. Commander JD sees those 2 first rounders and going to be doing what he knows to do best
  2. Romo is the best announcer ever. If he’s calling a game I love it **** ryan archaleta tho
  3. My issue is the accuracy part. I wasn't expecting him to be this off
  4. He's such a POS https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/tom-brady-congratulates-aaron-rodgers-for-becoming-shareholder-of-the-bears-also-takes-a-shot-at-the-jets/ Tom Brady congratulates Aaron Rodgers for becoming 'shareholder of the Bears,' also takes a shot at the Jets Tommy is feeling spicy! By Cody Benjamin 56 mins ago1 min read
  5. Lmao This thread gives me so much validation. You all think I’m to compulsive not seeing the long road
  6. If we dont we will break the NFL record for most games without a 1qtr point since....wait for it....the 2008 lions who of course went 0-16 It's rough out here....
  7. I heard on Ciminis podcast we have lost 19 of the last 21 matchups? IS that true? Holy cow
  8. from my experience its the lower level mid 50s expensinve more empy then upper decks but depends on section i guess
  9. You guys think leaving Metlife is rough? That Manhattan exit plan was crap...
  10. What key players from the super bowl were drafted by Tampa? In Arizona your main contributors are FA signings not drafted guys Stop denying this simple fact
  11. seems to be working well for Tampa and Arizona.....much better then build through draft dolphins and jets
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