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  1. Exactly This is the worst Jets football in 2 Decades by a mile
  2. lol imagine Sam on his couch right now drinking a beer
  3. Dolphins and pats are garbage More reason we shoulda kept Sam and tried to win the division this year rather then blow it up again
  4. Same dog used to get upset now I just stare blankly at the tv It’s so bad it’s like your emotions get cut off
  5. I wasn’t asking super bowl i wasn’t even asking playoffs I was asking competitive Don’t worry the excuse birds will be out soon. Exited to hear the new reasons “they need to gel” etc
  6. We have more quarters played then points 7 qtrs 6 points
  7. Penalties penalties Saleh seems to be more of in a nice guy coach then a real head coach
  8. This is a bad roster We have this cocky mindset we can “coach em up” I have no idea this teams direction Winning football games does not seem to be the first priority
  9. I’m entering at 11 next week just to stand by the tunnel and give Saleh and jd a piece of my mind This is a unacceptable
  10. He’s starting to concern me and I was high on him when he was hired
  11. For those keeping count 42-6 in the last 6 quarters Keep in mind the pats and Broncos aren’t exactly winning the super bowl this year
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