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  1. 2-3 Years is usually fair. Making the Judge comparison doesnt work. The Giants were actually regressing from his first year and he was terrible with the media. If your team is getting worse, not better, then there is no need for patience. If Saleh wins only 4 games next year, how does everyone feel the conversation should go? Finally, like tons of other coaches, do we REALLY think the Bengals got to where they are because of Zak Taylor or because they have this guy playing Burrow at QB with a guy named Chase catching his balls. I'm a believer the roster will always be m
  2. Attention Joe Douglas Kickers matter dude
  3. Right up the middle on 4th special....
  4. Yes.....it was dumb Don't force 2PT trys unless you have to
  5. He’s right We changed the coach we got the qb we have “cap space” but at this moment we still suck Win. Win football games, stop talking a big game about next year and people will stop making fun of us
  6. god some of you set the bar low
  7. JD said 6 wins isn’t good enough like 5 times in his post season PC sensed a little urgency. JD is going to be aggressive in getting Saleh playmakers this year. If the right guy is available he may send a pick or as I call them a lottery ticket for a proven vet. Who knows. I just know Saleh and JD know they can’t be winning only 4-6 games next year and expect it to go well
  8. Schemes are nice players to actually execute the schemes are nicer
  9. 20 draft literally set the rebuild back by a year stinks but it’s reality
  10. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/lists/jimmy-garoppolo-trade-49ers-patriots-bears-jets/
  11. Jimmy G.........shoulda snagged him when we had the chance
  12. Philly is so outmatched...... They had no business making the playoffs anyway
  13. True I take a bad team over having to live in Buffalo 12 months a year
  14. This game makes me feel dirty can’t stand New England can’t stand the bills and their dumb ass fans I’m broken
  15. How many years can Allen run and get hit like this
  16. Bad news we won 4 they won 10 And a playoff game
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