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  1. Oh nooo....it went EXACTLY as I thought it would
  2. Oh stop. You all loved the trade for sam. Don’t make me take out the screen shots
  3. This isn’t a true comment. A mix of free agency with picks are
  4. JD seems to only be interested in cutting talent. What else has he done to build this team? His arrogant comments today basically hinting they won’t make a run at Watson because we have to “hit on draft picks” reinforces this strategy of draft only. And why? His last class was a meh class at best. Around the league teams are actively making moves prepping for FA and making conditional trades. Much like last year seems like we are late to the dance. Let’s see how FA shakes out this year but man if boring is supposed to be sexy, 9 wins in two seasons isn’t showing me muc
  5. Yea! We will win with guys like cager catching the ball, Perrine running, and guys I don’t know playing in the secondary! Adios talent!! Who needs you!!!
  6. Making room for money doesn’t impress me. Spending it in a way that makes a winner does
  7. He was actually pretty good for us but ok
  8. Ok, fair take, so who is throwing the ball for the NY Jets in September
  9. Pros don’t play to lose games. But sorry a Jets win broke your heart
  10. Hey there was no better year to debut a new raw qb like when you have nothing to lose in 2020. Telling...
  11. Because he didn’t see the field aka he stinks
  12. But morgan was a bust. What does they have to do with Brady
  13. Watching Allen and Watson battle it out for years with our mediocre eventual draft pick qb
  14. Wow we are defending the drafting of James morgan lol on what basis
  15. I have zero faith is JDs evaluation of QBs so hoping this an extensive collaborative effort
  16. Not at all....its a private entity, much like a restaurant. They can make the rules. Should they impose a vaccine mandate, and you didn't comply, they can simply refund you and deny you entry. What's the law suit?
  17. I see a full stadium by September. But dont think you are getting in without a mask, and possibly proof of vaccination, or a negative test within 72 hours.
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