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  1. Jake is good. Calls it like it is.
  2. So in the first 4 weeks we face jacoby brisset and Mitch trubisky? Yea stop telling me the schedule is so hard
  3. well they 100 percent were in 2020 and 2021 Do you dispute that?
  4. If we aren’l truly 1-8 or 0-9 like quinn suggests at the bye I don’t want to hear “we are young”. We have veterans on both sides of the line. Our starting TE is a veteran. Berrios and Davis been around at WR. Cj Mosley leading thenD. Whitehead and reed have been around at CB and safety.
  5. It's sad what these washed up guys gotta do for a paycheck
  6. Some clown who is Saying we will be 0-9 at the bye and Zach Wilson is going be a bust. Like what the Jets do to piss in his cereal
  7. **** this guy. His stupid smug take is just devoid of facts as well. Let’s remind him at the end of season how he was wrong
  8. Like I said when we arent out of it by Halloween each year, place will sound more lively
  9. Giants stadium wasnt that good guys.....i mean cmon, its just because you were used to it. Change happens. Metlife facilities and big screens are so much better. As for being quiet, we have been really bad since 2011. But if you were at Jets Cowboys 9-11-2011 you know how loud it can get when this franchise puts quality product on the field.
  10. Its a stadium.... Its clean and nice facilities. Sorry it doesnt have the curb appeal you want. What else do you really want from a stadium? Its about the game
  11. Stupid take. Go eat some ice cream and call the waaaambulence People can watch what they chose
  12. To lose that bet means the Jets only won 5 games. This place will burn down if that happens
  13. Yea schedule broke out nicely this year. 5 games done by First week of November. Honestly the Chicago game shouldn't be to bad either. Chalk it up to global warming but I feel the only truly COLD months anymore are Jan and Feb, maybe early March as well. Dec can be hit or miss.
  14. Park in the lot. Dont wait last minute because they jack up on Stubhub closer to the game. Hotels. Plenty within 15 mins from the stadium if you want to say in Jersey
  15. I always wondered if this really helps.....Either way Week 1 you are getting smashed around
  16. Hate to do it to the kid, but its on Zach. Basically, will he be good or not?
  17. I'm in! Let the fam know if you are going, where ya may be sitting/tailgating, eating? Where are the parties at? How loud will we be? We shall snuff out any purple. 9/11 shall be OUR DAY
  18. Why is everyone saying this Ravens - 500’team with no recievers browns - backup qb Bengals - We beat them once Steelers - You all fear Kenny picket? Fins - Tua?? Cmon GB - Good but not as good as last year losing adams Broncos - Another 500 team Pats- Won’t be good This year Bills - ok we may lose here 55-10
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