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  1. JD gmin like a nervous man
  2. Some of you buy Into the tone narrative way to much. You think e Moore be traded if he had 10tds and 1000 yards last year. Nah
  3. eh i dont like this but whatevs.......no excuse not to make the Rodgers deal soon now i suppose
  4. I rather take a safety/interior DL at 13 to be honest.
  5. Yea Berrios after such a strong 2021 was bizarre in how bad his decision making was in 22. It almost looked liked he was distracted.
  6. One thing I think Jet fans forget in these debates on trading picks is that hypothetically if the Jets are truly good and competing for Super Bowls... a) YOU WENT TO THE SUPERBOWL DUE TO TRADE!!! THATS CALLED VALUUEEEE b) The pick is going to be 28-32. With that said I agree we should not give away 13....but im open to 24 1st rounder
  7. Was just talking about this with a friend, with little eminem released from the team, who is taking over KR/PR duties? Are they on the roster now, or in FA/draft.
  8. Wow we are somewhat aligned. I wrestled with the Bills or pats. I feel the whole belichick vs jets thing is still a story line
  9. I will start (this is all assuming Rodgers is qb of course) KC vs Jets at home in Metlife (Sunday night) Jets @ Cowboys (Monday night) Jets @ Patriots (Monday night) Jets vs Dolphins at Metlife (Thursday night) I see 4 at a minimum. Could see more but feel the NFL in general are still Jet haters. I see them keeping jets giants a Sunday afternoon game.
  10. kevinc855

    Plan B

    Plan b is 6-11 and a new regime next year
  11. @Maxman flagging this. See this going down a bad lane
  12. This isn’t going to end well for them 1) Dragging this out will annoy much of their good hearted fan base who still like AR and are ready to end the drama 2) AR said Jets. Packers got no leverage to demand 2 firsts. You can get your second rounder or pay AR and have a disgruntled QB who said he doesn’t want to play for you and get nothing. 3) Jets don’t need to budge. AR is a season vet who doesn’t need a whole camp. I don’t get what the packers are doing. I hope JD brakes them like a pretzel
  13. You all were against "1 year rentals" and the jets about to load up on them I been ok with it all along just funny seeing the changes
  14. JD early 2019 = "I'm gona do sh*t my way" JD 2023 after not one winning season yet = "Just tell me what you want Aaron"
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