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  1. did nbc just put up a "legion of boo" graphic............danggggg cold blooded lol
  2. lol crush.....hey i call it like it see it plus i know our pick rides on Seattle losing
  3. Did anyone notify OP we just gotta new stadium in 2010?
  4. I'm just here for the Jamal comments till i get sleepy.....
  5. Heres the thing......i totally hope you are right. I just dont see it. The patriots game with 2 weeks to prepare, adjust, and reset will tell us alot about this team going forward. I will be rooting for us 100 percent. I wan to get this train corrected so bad
  6. watching the Jets its like a D2 team snuck in the NFL Its depressing
  7. For those of familiar with the law by the way... His contract says year 3..... Just saying
  8. Denver and Carolina came back down to earth… People defending out loses to them as if they were good
  9. JD came in 2019 and made PLENTY of roster moves. Starting with signing a kicker right before week 1 who never kicked in Metlife before. And wouldn't you guess it, Jets lose on a missed FG.. This coming after he signed a washed up center for 10 million dollars who never took a snap. But lets overlook 2019. 2020 Draft Class is a disaster. His FA signing on Oline have been discussed in great length on here. Disaster. Some reason he doesnt value the TE positon and we are a complete embarrassment at the TE position. For all this talk of the D, the Falcons and Matt Ryan ju
  10. I usually enjoy bye weeks because its a week off from watching a Jets loss but its actually more annoying realizing how many teams, some who are not even that good, are leaps and bounds further along then the 2021 Jets expnasion team
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