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  1. 17 hours ago, LAD_Brooklyn said:

    The tickets I'm targeting cost $400+ as I'm bring my mother who I don't want around the BS up top. Problem is I can only purchase two tickets and not the 4 that I'm targeting. This seems to be the case for all sections of the staduim. This is my 1st time purchasing NFL tickets. Is this the norm of 2 tickets being available? 

    Should be able to get 4 

    what site you using 

  2. 19 hours ago, Maxman said:

    I just reached out to the Steelers and gave them my info. I assume they will call me back, but they do group ticket sales for groups of 10 or more. Let's see what they come back with.

    You need 2 Kevin? Or more?

    I have a minimum of 6 in my group.  If others want in I don't mind getting a block of tickets so we can all sit together.

    Anyone else want to be included?

    Yea for planning purposes put me down for 2 in the group 

  3. 16 hours ago, Maxman said:

    I am going with a group of about 6 friends. Haven't booked anything yet but I know we should soon.  We should definitely all get tickets by each other.

    Awesome. I plan to hold out on tickets as well. Let me know 

  4. Who is going? Its a car ride for many of us or a cheap up and down plane ride? 

    Seems like a cool city with affordable prices and early Oct before its to cold. 

    Before I get tickets want to see if anyone else is going, tailgates, info etc? 

  5. 6 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    I’m not even sure what looking good means when it comes to rookies but what I am sure of is that rookie seasons, within certain boundaries, tend to be bad predictors of what a guy is

    I mean, for the number overall 2 pick I expected more then 9 TDs 11 INTs sub 2500 yards. Understand the injury and all but for alot of the season the game looked way to fast for him. It was concerning even for a rookie. But like you said, year 2 is a better indicator of what Zach will be, a Great QB or another Mitch Trubisky. We will find out. 

  6. 5 hours ago, HessStation said:

    I don’t really care. They’re all richer than me and even the practice squad dudes get to live a life style that will be more memorable than my first job resetting soda shelves in supermarkets all day. 

    This. It’s like the Posters that complain about some guys 70 million dollar tax cut in NJ lol Like wtf why do you care 

  7. 33 minutes ago, MichaelScott said:

    Can any season tix owner explain to me how PSLs work when the stadium is shared between 2 teams? I thought the whole selling point was that you have first right to the tickets for your seats to any event at that stadium? How does that work when their is a second team that sold a PSL to that seat to a Giants fan? Flip a coin? Battle to the death? 

    Your PSL or upper deck season ticket does not apply to ALL events at Metlife. However, as a PSL/Season Ticket Holder you get pre sale opportunities usually to scoop up tickets to other Metlife events as an incentive. 

  8. 19 minutes ago, DJF71 said:

    One of the worst stadiums to get in and out of. 

    Been to alot of football stadiums. You arent cruising out of any. Yes, Metlife is not the best, but find me a place in the NYC metropolitan area where 80k cars sail through

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  9. 8 hours ago, Green Ghost said:

    I don’t think it’s possible to have a worse draft than the Jets did in ‘20. If Wilson doesn’t step up this season, last years will be just as big a fail. On paper this year’s draft looks good, but who knows how it will look when they play the games?

    No matter how this draft turns out though, missing two consecutive #1 picks on a LT and QB would be a disaster for this team, and right now neither look good.

    This is true. For as much praise and much of it warranted JD gets, guy totally ****ed up the 20 draft in a fashion I don’t remember in years 

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