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  1. Some of you are just absurd in thinking how little you can give away. It’s Aaron freaking Rodgers, he’s pretty good. Hear age brought up a lot, TB played till 45. Arod has a lot of Gas in the tank. The jets need to pony up a future 1st whether it’s conditional or not. The hold up is this years 13th which I do not think they should give up. However some of you need to come to reality about future picks or we can all watch Carson wentz lead us to 7-10. 

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

    lets just hope punt returns and actually catching punts do not become an adventure again like before Berrios 

    Yea Berrios after such a strong 2021 was bizarre in how bad his decision making was in 22. It almost looked liked he was distracted. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, ChrebetOverKeyshawn said:

    Monday night football in week 1 is on 9/11. You have to think they’d be at least considering Jets-giants for that. Could see cowboys on thanksgiving, Chiefs, and one each for Dolphins/Bills. 5 total. 

    Good point. 

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  4. I will start (this is all assuming Rodgers is qb of course) 

    KC vs Jets at home in Metlife (Sunday night)

    Jets @ Cowboys (Monday night)

    Jets @ Patriots (Monday night) 

    Jets vs Dolphins at Metlife (Thursday night) 

    I see 4 at a minimum. Could see more but feel the NFL in general are still Jet haters. I see them keeping jets giants a Sunday afternoon game. 


  5. 52 minutes ago, Ron Rico said:

    You called Rodgers a "vax moron". 

    I watched good people lose their businesses, had their lives and families destroyed, lost their jobs because of your "warped worldview". 

    Rodgers is a man who deserves respect. 

    @Maxman flagging this. See this going down a bad lane

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