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  1. He's such a POS 


    Tom Brady congratulates Aaron Rodgers for becoming 'shareholder of the Bears,' also takes a shot at the Jets

    Tommy is feeling spicy!

    Cody Benjamin
    56 mins ago1 min read

    The NFL world has been abuzz over Aaron Rodgers' fiery celebration against the Bears on Sunday when the reigning MVP emphatically yelled to opposing fans that he "still owns" them. That includes Tom Brady. Joining SiriusXM NFL Radio on Wednesday, the Buccaneers quarterback jokingly congratulated his fellow signal-caller for becoming "a shareholder of the Bears," then proceeded to throw shade on a few other NFL teams when asked which cities he owns.

    "I wanted to say congrats to Aaron Rodgers," Brady said before discussing film of the Bears and Packers. "Obviously I know he's a great quarterback, but I guess he's now a shareholder of the Bears ... I saw a clip of him really enthusiastically telling the crowd how happy he is to own Soldier Field. And that's really great stuff. He owns the Bucks now. Part owner of Soldier Field. So he's got a great career beyond football."

    Asked whether he can lay claim to Upstate New York, where he's gone 32-3 against the Bills, Brady laughed it off: "Not yet." But he was a little clearer when asked about New York City, considering he's 30-8 against the Jets.

    "Oh, no," Brady responded with a tinge of playful disgust. "I'll just take the color green. I don't need the Jets. I'll just own the color green. I think that's a little bit better."


    He's not wrong, is he? Anyway, stay tuned for this Sunday to see if Brady, who's 5-1 against the Bears, joins Rodgers in owning Chicago.

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  2. 15 minutes ago, TokyoJetsFan said:

    This is true, but we didn’t have to build an 82,500 seat stadium just to sell more PSLs. The original plan was 60,000 I believe. The Raiders capacity at their new stadium is 65,500. Rams/Chargers 70,000. With 60,000 vs 82,500 you could have the stands closer to the field and an intimidating, crazy loud and fun environment. They would have made more money this way vs 15k empty upper deck seats.  Anyway could they build where the Nets arena is? No. Could they have explored other parts of Brooklyn or Queens for a 60k capacity stadium? Yes. 

    from my experience its the lower level mid 50s expensinve more empy then upper decks but depends on section i guess

  3. 54 minutes ago, Wit said:

    Tampa built a great team first through the draft, then they signed Brady. Arizona drafted a QB and over  a few years slowly acquired some big names to accentuate their drafted talent. Please don’t recycle SAR nonsense. 

    What key players from the super bowl were drafted by Tampa? 

    In Arizona your main contributors are FA signings not drafted guys 

    Stop denying this simple fact 

  4. 28 minutes ago, nj meadowlands said:

    I don't really think so.  We talk about everything here.  I'm primarily concerned about the on-field product, and pained the most by the fact that the Jets have now sucked for an entire decade.  But I think it's perfectly fine to acknowledge that the stadium (as someone who goes there for every game) -- and the uniforms for that matter! -- looking like total sh*t, adds to the bummer.

    But the stadium really isnt that bad?? 

    I mean i get you dont like the design....i dont know i like metlife. I didn't want to be traveling the city each sunday

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  5. 12 minutes ago, jamesr said:

    At the same time, if you don't go for it, it says that you don't have confidence in your offense to gain one yard.

    Given that the offense had put up 31 points and the defense had given up 34, I know where I'd be putting my money at that point. Defense hadn't stopped the Titans once since the first quarter.

    No I thank them for driving down to get in position to tie the game. Wasn’t there like under 20 second left as well? So you sneak it. If you convert while you may have some shots, it’s not endless shots and you open yourself to game ending int fumble etc 

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