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  1. I’m ok with it. Quincy Is decent but nothing special either. Loved in the fan base due to his demeanor and family but on the field he’s been just ok. Overall, I suppose not a bad move
  2. This has now dragged out too long. Prepare yourself for pain. This be a done deal if it was truly a done deal by now
  3. Why are you even here if your Gona defend the bills? By the way squib kick. I rest my case your honor
  4. Bills window is closing. They are losing some talent this year, McDermot is one of the most over rated HCs in the league and Josh Allen is turning into one of those great regular season QB's who can never win the big game in the postseason. Bills will be around, but they dont scare me as much
  5. We playing chicken at this point. Longer this plays out the scarier it will get. I’m ok with standing pat BUT JD must have a backup option if he refuses to blink and somehow we lose out on Rodgers
  6. for a 7th round throw away pick? Why not, I will take it
  7. Berrios contribution this year was : Biggest drop of season and fair catching balls on the 4 yard line. He just wasn't good this year so not surprised.
  8. We are reading way to much into how much money he "may leave on the table" Hes uber rich already and lifestyle will not change based on the 60 mil. He is also trying to Zen out. Would not suprise me if walks from the money.
  9. If Joe Douglas didn;t make an offer he cant refuse the man has failed at GM Unless ya'll wana roll with Tanehill/Brisset blah blah aka 7-10 again
  10. tell me where i been wrong I will wait
  11. Carr as 1 White as 2 Deal wilson for a draft pick seems totally reasonable to me
  12. As someone who has been watching the Jets since Pete Carrol was our HC, I had many opportunities and always passed. All prior to pretzel gate
  13. you can do these in other forums. But sure, the non physicals aspects are specifically why campbell says he goes ruling out the 40 times etc
  14. Been saying this for years. Same goes for Pro Days. The tape in actual games is the only true metric. Seems some agree
  15. JD tripling down on Zach is going to be this mans downfall
  16. What a weird season. Just before the miracle comeback it seemed like another Jets season was cooked. Would have been 0-3 without that win. It still felt error. Then we go on the 4 game winning streak after dropping to bengals. Then lose killer against pats. Then high again beating bills. Another letdown against pats. High again and almost certain playoffs vs bears. Then absolute utter pain and collapse of collapses of seasons. Tough and weird year
  17. Nope. 100 percent certain that is Arizona, After that I believe the Carolinas, Texas and TN are up there. But if you want skin cancer and alligators, sure FL is great
  18. There is an article floating out there about the type of personality disorder of people who like to pivot to gramatical errors to make a point.
  19. Yea with No rodgers the Hackett hire is one of the most head scratching things Saleh has up with 1) Hiring La Fluer 2) Drafting Zach and never giving him a veteran in camp of 21 I'm seeing a pattern of monumental stupid decisions
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