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  1. Exactly. People used to love pubic executions to. People are thrill junkies. Coaches should be smarter then fans. Kick the FG, go to OT. Reset. Some emotions took over responsible play calling there
  2. It’s not though. No confidence in your defense to hold them to a field goal or get off the field if you lose the coin toss? Well didn’t work out well for them
  3. Just saw the ending on replay… What an absolute terrible decision. FG is a chip shot. Idiots. Good for the Titans
  4. This is a scary but kinda true anylisis… Cmon Zach be the real deal…pleaseeee
  5. Right, some people keep saying "fire everyone after 5 games" No, but in 3 YEARS I expect to be not worse then we were 3 YEARS ago.... Saleh will get his evaluation period, but I seen enough of JD. Thats not "knee jerk"
  6. 2 weeks to prepare, refresh and adjust. Would love to see a different Jets team after the bye.
  7. I think you hit the nail on the head. There is this narrative that JD "knows what hes doing" or has a "plan" Maybe, if the plan is "build through the draft" but once picks dont hit, its starts to get speculative. I have pointed this out many times, this way of building is riddled with risk, basically if it doesnt work you are BAD for many years.
  8. How many times are you going to point this out? Does having a young roster give everyone a pass? JD made the decision to field it. So far it is 1-4. I guess im confused on why you think having the "youngest roster" in the NFL helps JD's case.
  9. You are prob correct in your assessment on 21. If the Jets stink again in 22 we will see. That would mark 4 straight losing seasons under his tenure.
  10. Bills Titans tonight..... Bills mafia are hooligans, criminals, and alcoholics. Heres to the Titans tonight
  11. So you guys are saying getting a big name rb help Zach?
  12. The Jets 1-4. Starting guys who be 3rd stringers on some team. But enjoy the victory lap? Or go outside
  13. did nbc just put up a "legion of boo" graphic............danggggg cold blooded lol
  14. lol crush.....hey i call it like it see it plus i know our pick rides on Seattle losing
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