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  1. The goal of every team every year should be to win the Super Bowl. That is why they play the game after all. 

    Expectations are generally put out by coaches and GM to tamper expectations which directly correlates with job security. Because the reality is 31 out of 32 teams WONT win the Super Bowl. 

    For all his flaws this is what I loved about Rex, he always made the fans, organization and players feel like any year they could make a run. Some call it "rah rah" I call it motivation. 

    Would love to see a little more spark from Saleh to be totally honest, but he wasn't really as advertised. Much more methodical and measured, which is not a BAD thing, but a little more docile then I would of liked. 

    Long way of saying, yea Jets should start winning and it shouldnt be a crazy expectation to ask the Jets to snag a wild card spot moving forward. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Lith said:

    Agreed.  This season, Zach and the rest of the offense need to end the debate.  There was no debate about Burrow after year 2.  Or Herbert, Mahomes or Watson.  Lamar Jackson was an MVP in year 2.  Some debate about Kyler Murray now, but that is about his ability to win a big game after faltering down the stretch.  I would like to see Zach get us to big games.  Josh Allen needed an extra year, but most guys who have come out in recent years, you know it after year 2.  He has better weapons, a solid OL, likely a good running game.  Time to end the debate.

    Agreed. He has to show us something. If by week 17 I’m not convinced he’s the guy or we are all debating if he is we have a problem. 

    Shut everyone up. Play good consistent football, win us some games. If we are saying “but that nice throw in week 5” or “he didn’t throw as many interceptions” we are in a world of hurt. I had my Zach doubts because of BYU opposition etc and he does have “arm talent” but this year he needs to prove he can play in the NFL

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  3. 4 minutes ago, slats said:

    Aren’t we all from NY/NJ? Didn’t anyone have a decent local pizzeria? I was alive and well in the ‘90s, and wouldn’t’ve been caught dead in a ****ing Pizza Hut. Do you guys now sing the praises of the Olive Garden? 

    Yes I had one 2 blocks from me. My dad also made it a rule to never go to chain Italian restaurant. First time I ever went to Olive Garden I was in the south and drunk peer presured by some guys. I never felt so guilty in my life slamming down my shrimp and pasta dish 

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  4. Typical Jets thread

    Die Hard Zach defenders: Zach is amazing, Zach is god

    Zach critics: see I told you.

    What concerns me is this would not have been written had Zach looked sharp in OTAs. So we can conclude he was a mix bag. How bad or average is up for debate. 

    Really hope Zach figures this all out. He needs to be good, not average. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, slats said:

    another guy around here with a unearned bullseye on his back. 

    2021 Jets Defense allowed a record over 500 points, last in Points allowed per game, last in pass yards allowed, bottom 5 in rush yards allowed, and last in total yards allowed. 

    Yes poor innocent Jeff Ulbirch. What on earth warranted this unjust criticism. 

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  6. 14 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    I hate that those picks didn't work out too.  The Perine pick was an egregiously bad one.  But I don't get why the Morgan pick in particular gets so much vitriol.  It's worth it to take shots on midround QBs you like.  They're the most valuable commodity in the league, and we've seen a couple 4th rounders (Dak, Cousins) who worked out in fairly recent years.  Like....who cares? 

    If you want to complain about the TOTALITY of those wasted 4th rounders, I'm down for that.  Singling out the Morgan pick makes no real sense to me.  People have been whining about that one for so long.

    Because he was soooooo wrong about Morgan. He is awful. Scout much?

  7. Just now, jeremy2020 said:

    I think it should be made a rule that you must have proposed a duel with pistols at 20 paces and it has to have been accepted before you can post a thread whining about a media personality. 

    Andddd No

    thanks for the suggestion tho. It was cool

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