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  1. They should be out for doing away with my damn rewards cards for entry
  2. The bills aren’t very good. MetLife home opener should have a rocking crowd for the jets. We should win this and if we want to make a playoff push need to win this...
  3. maybe you were but I was clearly for the guy
  4. Fins are a dumpster fire 4-12 type of year most likely
  5. Jets have a pro bowl kicker...…...jets let him go to FA. Thanks mac
  6. 2-2 preseason on to buffalo baby
  7. This...jet fans love having “more picks” but a Third rounder is usually 50x Better then you 3 trash 6 rounders
  8. This still hasn’t told me why these clowns got rid of the rewards card
  9. Can they correct the hourly damn reminder of the game too
  10. Breaking https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/08/26/health/oklahoma-opioids-johnson-and-johnson.amp.html
  11. When we win by double digits on the 8th lets revisit this post
  12. I think the jets defense getting crapped on by everyone is a little overblown. I don’t think Dennis Williams is Gona show his true creativity till week 1 with blitz packages. I’m concerned about corner but josh Allen is a one trick pony with running with the football and not very accurate. If we can contain him we win this football game.
  13. Really? It was 10-7 when Sam left. Yes slow start. Corners are still having issues I get that. Some things you left out a) Sam is still playing well and will be in the game for 4 qtrs when the real stuff starts b) there’s this guy named mr bell. Oh yea he will be on the field c) do you think we are Gona show all our best blitz packages in pre season? d) saw a huge improvement in our kicking game with a 49 and 56 yarder in e) the saints went to the nfc chapionship and drew brees is one of the best. Yes he played one series but Josh Allen and the bills aren’t drew and the saints i get jet fans wanting to damper expectations but I do believe we are Gona at least double our wins aka 8 wins
  14. Simien would actually be a good fit in Indy. that said god for bid Sam gets hurt we will be turning the team over to Luke falk pass
  15. Not sure of the point tho. Last year I mainly used my phone but we had the card with the cool jets lanyard that if you Noticed a lot of season ticket holders would wear around their neck as a pride type of thing too. Towards the end we also used the card to get in and found it easier then the phone. We also flashed it for certain discounts and what not. Now we gotta like open the app and all. Kinda annoying especially when your phone is dying which actually happened to me yesterday.
  16. Jets sales dept screwed this up. Why on earth you couldn’t still issue the jets rewards cards to season ticket holders baffles my mind.
  17. Will they let jacoby take the lead or go with an older option for the year. Feel bad for the fans, go from luck to debating jacoby brisset or trying to get Nate sudfield https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/andrew-luck-retirement-veteran-quarterback-trade-options-for-colts-including-eli-manning/amp/
  18. Our secondary is complete and utter trash. Sam is resilient and still good. still wondering why bell can’t take a hit or two before the bills crash him in 15 days
  19. It’s the official party thread. Who’s getting at 2:30
  20. haha Never did a tent but got one over the winter so be throwing it up
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