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  1. No hes not a 15 year vet. Hes a second year developing QB. Get the REAL reps with first team defenses opposing you. Play a quarter next game the first half the 3rd and ride the bench the 4th.
  2. Rumors he could go play for the Titans for his last few years if he wants to keep going to "45" as he said. Former Patriots assistant leading the titans and in need of a QB after Marriorta fails this year. Just a wildcard to watch. I'm ok with it as long as he is out of the AFC East
  3. This kid makes me laugh every interview https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/08/new-york-jets-quinnen-williams-nfl-madden-quote?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=NFLdraftmaverick
  4. appeal, all they can say is no and he makes the opener. I feel like he can get it knocked down to 2 games
  5. yes season ticket holds need their sign of being a season ticket holder!
  6. Secondary stinks and even Williams knows it. I'm depending on him to dial up some creative schemes, blitz packages to get pressure. We have some talented DL and LB's who need to bring pressure. However if we allow QB's to sit in the pocket I fear we are in trouble. If Trumane Johnson can actually be himself this year it ease my worries ALOT.
  7. So you get cards but they don't scan? Mine should be in the mail hopefully any day now so we can figure this out
  8. It was giants home game so giants announcers. That's why you saw them promoting giants season tickets
  9. Are you sure? That be a change from last year when we went fully mobile
  10. Why is everyone whining. You get essentially a season ticket holder card. You swipe it and lets you in. Way easier then needing to remember each different ticket for each week. If you like you can also do it mobile on your phone. I'm happy we are past the times when you left your ticket at home or lost it somehow you were screwed. (Yes that happened to me)
  11. Bell and Q weren't even playing. We are gona be good on offense. That said, I really fear our secondary is going to be awful. We may have to win with shootouts.
  12. Agree he looked awful last night afternoon hearing reports he hasn’t been good at camp
  13. Last night showed us we have our starter and an efficient backup if needed. It’s a huge relief and can’t remember the last time this happened. On the other hand Webb stinks
  14. Watching Adam gase as HC on sidelines Our DC destroying rookies The new uniforms under MetLife lights Darnolds first drive The giants incompetence Jet fans at a giant “home” game Wesco anybody? A jets win Pumped, what you excited to see
  15. Heck yes. 10 wins baby that’s what I want
  16. I only put attention to rankingstjsg make us look god
  17. No but you figure it has to come in this week
  18. dolphins are gona be awful this year, like really awful
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