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  1. another 2nd rounder who cant stay healthy....devon smith ring a bell
  2. The Prez letting know Gase his twitter game is strong
  3. Huge huge drug issues in their family...much like 90 percent of rich American families
  4. Lach is a really good punter. Gase is starting to scare me with all this “my guys” stuff
  5. I know how complex organizations work. I know what leadership is. This is selfish move by a clueless owner that makes us look silly.
  6. This is the guy saying cimini doesn't have brains....yeaaaaaa
  7. they know football then 70 percent of the folks here
  8. As they should. Bonehead move. But the SOJF are happy spo theres that! What on earth will they do with no Bowles or Mac to blame? Oh yea I can hear it a year from now as the cheetoes falls out of their mouths "DIS IS STILL MACS ROSTAAA BRO" http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/79948/jets-turbulence-one-big-job-opening-so-many-questions
  9. like our coach and a lot of our team this is a BOOM or BUST team
  10. The fact that everyone will be taking about the spat between Mac and Gase and not the development of this young team with your young qb is reason enough to of let mac stick around till Jan 2020
  11. Not how it works. When you take an entire organization over now there’s only one person to blame. Gase thinks he can get it done quicker. I as a fan hope he’s right but If he doesn’t produce it’s on him and him alone. Don’t give we can’t make the playoffs because of a center garbage
  12. Great listen. Gase is clearly a whack job. No excuses now. No Mac to blame. Take me to the playoffs or gtfo here
  13. I'm sure the way we did Mac will give other people REAL motivation to come here.......... We just whacked a guy by shooting him in the face.
  14. I’m sorry he’s coming off a decent year with tackles and interceptions. Worth way more then a 6th.
  15. Imagine what you all been saying if Mac was the one who gave up Lee for some trash 6th rounder? Exactly...
  16. The Jets were in a great situation, talk of the town, reinvented moving forward THEN THIS.......SOJ......I don't get it
  17. comparing your gf to running a complex organization has to be on the silliest things I heard in a while
  18. the last 48 hours has to be the dumbest thing I seen in a while........ to top it off we give away a 1st round linebacker who had his best year to include 3 ints for a 6th rounder
  19. Jesus h Christ can we stop using Brady when there’s beeen 1000 other 6th round picks that aren’t even in this league anymore
  20. It’s madness. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mac but this is crazy
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