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  1. Imagine having an offense where it took 4 plays
  2. Just me or has the pats started close to every series with a 20 plus yard play
  3. You never root for the jets to lose against the pats or hand in your jets fan card
  4. Myers is the best jet kicker in a long while. I say better then folk or hall
  5. Are you smoking something? He turned gronk into the db because his coverage was so good
  6. If Jamal Adams wasn’t on this team we be like 0-10
  7. Haha love watching pats fans mad. Makes my day
  8. Adams is really beasting this year. I rare bright spot in a bleak year
  9. Can we stop criticizing fans who go to the games? Some want to watch the jets regardless, some already Paid for them with psls. Some are bringing family or their kids for a Sunday outing. The couple hundred of you who feel you not going will send some “message” to ownership don’t know much about football revenue or the Johnson family in general
  10. Hey I’m a rookie Sth and realized I have enough points for early access or half time access. What’s better? What time for both you need to be there? Early access says check in prior to gates opening? What’s that mean? You stand around for 2 hours? What time do you go on the field? Thanks for the help. Thanks jets fam! Happy thanksgiving all!
  11. Dude your 12 lost dollars at the concessions aren’t Gona hurt them in the pocket. This is what jet fans never seem to understand
  12. Yea man that was awful I’m still 50 50 on going
  13. This may be accurate but being a jets fan in general often feels like this
  14. Taking a pulse here if everyone is selling their tickets and I have to be surrounded by a bunch of massholes and band wagon dudes. Because if this is the case I may give them to another jets fan. I refuse to ever sell to a pats fan. But a MetLife full of pats fans would not be good for my health
  15. Draft position doesn’t matter at this point. We are already essentially a lock for top 10. We got our qb so we will trade out of it. Can you get more for 4 then 9? Sure but dude I’m done stressing about draft position. More focused on using that 90 million.
  16. This is the stupidest thing I heard in a long time. You can’t have a hc demoted and then bring in a new guy. Francesca is a mouth piece knows nothing about leadership or running organizations. That create a leadership and decision crisis. wow
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