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  1. Draft position doesn’t matter at this point. We are already essentially a lock for top 10. We got our qb so we will trade out of it. Can you get more for 4 then 9? Sure but dude I’m done stressing about draft position. More focused on using that 90 million.
  2. This is the stupidest thing I heard in a long time. You can’t have a hc demoted and then bring in a new guy. Francesca is a mouth piece knows nothing about leadership or running organizations. That create a leadership and decision crisis. wow
  3. Worst jets game in a long long time. My god this is awful
  4. Call me weird but I never wanna see my team Humiliated
  5. How on earth can he survive this?
  6. Is this guy on here? He sounds like it https://www.facebook.com/barstoolsports/videos/275477286652758/
  7. Another genius here because that top 5 picks always make a difference
  8. I have no idea max. You have a lot of bullies in this forum. Love the forum but some are out of line
  9. Go through the post threads you loser.
  10. I’m not a kid and had bullets fly over my head in Afghanistan. Talk tough somewhere else
  11. He has accomplished more with his life then you. Have fun cleaning the cheeto stains off your shirt
  12. Rooting for your team and conceding your coach stinks is not the same. Still be at jets bills rooting for my team unlike half you old sojf
  13. I rather be that then stupid and lazy like you
  14. I think he’s a great guy. I think he’s a good defensvie minded guy. I think players respect him. I think he is a good role model for young men. I also think he should be fired as HC of the New York Jets. This team has begun yet another implosion in mid year of his 4th season. He cannot seem to get this team right. He does not know qbs and we have a young one who looks worse each game. I want Todd Bowles to land on his feet but he needs To be fired. The spencer Long debale today was inexcusable and the last straw for me. We need a change now: a clear message that this is not acceptable. With th
  15. What does darnold have to do with Rosen dude? Nice try
  16. Remember when you all used to complain about McCown?
  17. I don’t get this why is spencer long still playing!!!!!
  18. So we were bad on purpose last year for this? This is why I will never understand “tanking”
  19. Love how the announcers each week literally make fun of our offense
  20. One game we will get more then 5 yard on a punt return
  21. 2 touchdowns in like 10 quarters now? Sam looks like garbage too. Damn
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