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  1. I love how we make 35 year old gore look like Barkley
  2. Just checked out the bills game....it could always be worse
  3. Got to hand it to gase. He is making some great calls on critical plays. We are losing the x and o game
  4. The vaunted Miami defense which has been shredded weekly feeling good against us of course
  5. Fitz Or McCown would of won us two more Games at least. Romo Pointed this out the other day how sam doesn’t know how to read defenses as well oR audible or our guys in motion. We made a decision to develop sam but it hurt our win loss record this year for sure
  6. Romo abused the Jets all game. Was literally laughing about their roster. If Mac and Johnson aren't embarrassed I don't know when they ever will be
  7. What’s better is not losing every year
  8. Bowles is here’l next year. That was the deal. No playoffs next year tho? He gone
  9. Ummmm bills are awful, maybe twice with them. Do we get swept by the fish? Doubt it. Titans have been sliding rapidly. Pats we play tough every year. Texans and Green Bay are up and down this year. The hard part of our schedule is over
  10. You people have been asking to tank since this forum was founded. You are all mad
  11. Ahh here comes the ridiculous tank threads in late October. Because that always solves all our problems
  12. Overflowing? Maybe but more realistically not. We have some good young good players but let’s not turn into the browns who keep drafting young talent and can’t tranlsare it into wins. Mac is going into his 5th season next year and only one season the season hasn’t essentially been over in early November. Not good
  13. The never ending rebuild
  14. Tony romo and Jim nanztz basically mocked the jets the entire game for the lack of talent on the team. Mac has a long rod to hoe. When are we going to at least try to be competitive
  15. All they need is a fg and it’s game over. Worst part is they will prob chew up 4 minutes more too
  16. The sam to Herndon development has been great. May be a great duo once we get some real weapons
  17. Here comes the big first down loss for Crowell?
  18. The bears without Mack even on the field are a mid tier defense. Don’t get to carried away.
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