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  1. Well pretty bad to know the game is over because you are down by 11 points mid way though the 3qtr lol god ou offense is so bad
  2. The offense looks like a under 500 college team in a non big conference
  3. Only way we are Gona win this is getting a few takeaways
  4. The bears have goThen like 3 of the close calls
  5. That was delay of game?!!! I saw no timeouts or whistles. bears getting patriots treatment
  6. When you do a jailhouse blitz you need someone on The back and I only made it to high school football
  7. Bears game is huge. If we do win we are 4-4 with a sliding dolphins and awful bills next. Season isn’t over just yet...but yea beating Chicago is crucial
  8. Hahha ok pal. A high road wouldn’t be saying anything. I know you have this inclination to defend a thug who put a child’s life in danger so you make your tired sojf shot at the organization but as others have pointed out, New York is an international city. We have a lot of transplants and New York is a cool city for road trips. I hate away fans personally but there is a lot more of them for other reasons then because of the teams success or failure
  9. Yep I think he wil be fine. See how he plays in cold Chicago next week
  10. Go to any manhattan bar and you realize no one If from New York plus New York is a pretty cool road trip for a lot
  11. Not really dude. Sure they played the pats tough but so do we and I could say they scraped by the cardinals
  12. Sam will need to figure this cold thing out if he wants to succeed
  13. It’s one of those weeks I just want to think about next week....so thE Bears? I thought this team was terrible when the season started but grabbing Mack was a big deal and they ended up 3-3 to start off. However coming off two straight loses and Mack not healthy. I think this is a game we can play smart and hard and get back to 500.
  14. You can jump on a jets wide receivers back and no flag or touch a patriots wide Reiciever and see 3 flags
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