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  1. Amen. Petty is awful and clearly hackenberg is worse if they guy couldn’t replace petty. Clean house, draft qb and sign cousins
  2. Better by far. This team is going to make a run next year
  3. Seahawks officially out of playoffs so will def not have 3 top 50 picks
  4. You don’t plays seasons for draft picks. Get over it
  5. Petty petty let’s see petty lol. You were all sooooo wrong guy he’s bad
  6. They are right that we have a bright future and a great coach
  7. My god petty is maybe the worst nfl qb I watched. He literally does nothing right. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he’s gotta go
  8. Romo and Nantz seem so annoyed they have to watch the jets lol
  9. Not sure your point here mac has been building a great team. Yes he screwed up on hackenberg tho
  10. 1 is Darnold 2 is Rosen 3 is Allen 4 is mayfield
  11. Tmrws game against KC has huge implications for us draft wise. Currently the browns and giants are the only other qb needy teams ahead of us with th broncos. If we can somehow get in front of the broncos I think we are assured of one of the big 3 (Rosen Darnold Allen)
  12. Oh yea let’s go 0-16. That would of done wonders for this franchise and players like Anderson and McGuire! You are a smart one Carl!
  13. Here is why “tanking” which isn’t a real thing is the stupidest fantasy jet fans have in their simple minds
  14. He is 100 percent right. This franchise is on the right track but there is that small but load knee jerk fan base that thinks your should just fire at will to make themselves feel better. They don’t understand football
  15. Smart move. Acting like adults for the first time a while. Stability is key
  16. When I read threads like this I realize why fans don’t run organizations
  17. I may not watch the game. No jet fans with blood pumping could Root for Brady and gronk to be pumping their fists and smiling as they run over the jets
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