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  1. Get cousins rather then trading up. Totally agree
  2. If anyone is not going and would like to contribute tickets to a big jet family let me know!
  3. Carolina is close enough for the away fans to travel too. They are prob scooping up a lot which is preventing the drop
  4. Prob wait till tickets drop to 5 dollars on Saturday and simply can’t pass the deal so yea prob be there
  5. Counting Denver as a loss? Hahahah They are a dumpster
  6. Looking at draft boards before thanksgiving is silly. Plenty of time to talk about draft in February March and April. Beat the panthers!
  7. Absolutely. Talented players win games. Don’t understand your point
  8. Bills and raiders lose leaving the jets only a game out of wildcard now
  9. Watching peterman all I can think is please don’t do this to hack because this will be his fate
  10. All that young talent and picks have resulted in 1 win in 2 years is my point. It’s a terrible philosophy
  11. Peterman has 3 ints “but they are learning what they have”
  12. “But they have a plan” “ their front office gets it” “they have a good coach” and my favorite best from the cluseless tank crowd “they are years ahead of the jets in development” hahahhahahaha
  13. Not everything needs to tie back to the Jets you know
  14. Battle of the over rated qbs tonight
  15. There is no arguing McCown has been very good. His contributions has helped develop some of our younger players on the offensive side of the ball
  16. You could Jesus in the qb position, if we don’t fix that o line ain’t nothing going our way
  17. Heard Francesca on the way home. He seems very high on the jets and likes Bowles a lot
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