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  1. The Adams point is way off. Dude made a play, stop looking for every hole possible in the team man lol
  2. Oh shush. Do your job as a fan and get loud Sunday
  3. Oh no but the o line?! The no number 1 WR! The defense still has holes! We are still years away!! Lmao. Bye haters! Let’s all laugh at the SOJF doubters
  4. I watached a half. Wow Sam couldn’t of started any worse and the way he responded says so much about his poise and maturity. The kid is Gona be special. So excited
  5. Would of gave 3first rounders
  6. Totally worth two first rounders. Way to cheap our mac
  7. Bills fans are rarely sober so I don’t take their message boards to serious
  8. When’s the best time to put your young qb in? Down 40 points in the rain
  9. How is this squaud Gona even pull out a win this year. Awful
  10. Yep feeling great going into this year with a franchise qb and the buzz kills always need to Be lurking. SOJF
  11. Yea the brutal honest is a lot of macs picks have been awful. His saving grace is he has made some great value trades and that move to get to 3 may just save the franchise. Time will tell.....but for goodness sake online in 19 mac!!!
  12. Can’t see the bills winning more then 4 games which may put him on the hot seat
  13. Hahahah what a dumpster fire these bills are
  14. Remember all those jet fans hating on McCown wanting to see hack...here ya go boys
  15. As I watch this I truly ask what the heck the point of the 4th preseason game is
  16. This post is so bad in so many ways. Hack and petty were absolute garbage and both just got shunned by other teams. Maybe they aren’t on the jets because they are BAD
  17. The jets are substantially improved team from last year when they won 5 games. If you think the jets are picking top 6 you are in fantasy land
  18. This delay game never makes sense to me. Pay for someone just a little less who’s not that good? Don’t see the jets picking in the top 10 next year. Get mack. Draft online next year. why is it always next year with you guys
  19. Little dramatic no? Our wr corps is solid, rb game better then said, o line, yes we need help there. Just because you have more then one hole doesn’t mean you don’t start plugging them
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