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  1. Absolutely. Anyone who argues petty is better then McCown is drunk or blind or both
  2. I think Bryce Petty is trash but Gona root for his success because it means success for the jets! Let’s win out
  3. Oh boy you guys said “I have a tough time finding a win on this schedule!!” Last year
  4. That Seattle trade is working out really well for us. Kearse has been great and another pick in the top 50. Good job mac, now don’t whiff again at qb like you have done two times before
  5. I only watch patriot games to root for that career ending hit on Brady
  6. Just sent a message saying I support the franchise, coach and gm. Jet up!
  7. We all know how this story is Gona end. We will sell the house for a bust
  8. Hats off to josh for giving It all he had and playing some tremendous football. What a team player and leader. Thanks josh! https://www.google.co.kr/amp/s/www.ganggreennation.com/platform/amp/2017/12/10/16759980/watch-josh-mccown-gets-emotional-talking-about-broken-hand
  9. Hahahahahaha Hack just compared to Brady. Thanks for the laugh
  10. After a week of full reps and a game plan after his 15-38 performance with 1td and 3 ints it will be “well the saints are good!”
  11. Apparently some will go to the grave with him. Must be that he is good looking
  12. Oh agreed! And McCown dealt with that all years and look at his numbers. Can’t wair to see Petty numbers after 4 games
  13. Petty has been on this team 3 years and started 4 games. So when is enough enough for you
  14. Petty gets a pass for being on th team for 3 years and starting 4 games. These petty apologists are blind
  15. What do you disagree with or is your one sentence 5th grade level response all?
  16. You guys don’t get how much I relish the jet Up hate
  17. First I’m not quitting on the season..with that said 1) who is this team? They come out fired up or flat depending on the week? 2) I’m questioning Bowles. After defending him for a while the way he quits so easily is frustrating. When you are only down 13 why would you not call a timeout before the half? Moreover as much as petty seemed off, draws up the middle with 8 minutes left is embarrassing. 3) petty is awful. Give it up guys, we saw him last year and now we are seeing him this year. This 4th round pick doesn’t have it, maybe a 3rd stringer in this league at best.
  18. Well I would say worse jets game in years but just stick to this year due to that 40-3 colts Monday night game
  19. You are out of your damn mind if you think McCown wasn’t playing good football this year.
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