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  1. 2 times in the red zone we get fg's, when were outside it we got a td. Very jets
  2. So got back from Cleveland early this morning and let me say this, I officially hate Browns fans. They are an angry bunch who attempted taunting me leading 20-7 at the half. Lets jut say that didn't work out to well for them. Also they didn't seem to approve me yelling at Bernie Kosar at halftime to pay his taxes. Whatever. Also need to point out ALOT of green in the stadium. Great after party with fellow Jet fans and just to be that guy, rooting for the Cubs to win. Go JETS!
  3. God I hate the whiny tanking crowd with a passion. Thanks for posting.
  4. I think the team is feeling a little better about itself after two wins. Confidence and playing with it is a big deal in this league. Hoping they can take that Browns 2nd half and carry it to Miami with them.
  5. If we shut down ajawi we should be in good shape
  6. Big road win showing heart down 13 at the half. Now let's move on to squish the fish!
  7. Great town so far and already bumped into some jet fans
  8. Like a true Jet fan, I BELIEVE, and am going to board a plane to Cleveland shortly. Tickets are dirt cheap by the way. Will be cheering my head off on Sunday and taunting the Dawg Pound. Lets go Jets!
  9. The Jets will continue to win come Sunday.....we are on our way to the playoff hunt
  10. Go away, you aren't a fan and don't deserve to call yourself one
  11. Jets Gona keep on winning and I'm Gona keep laughing at the pathetic Wana be fans who root for their team to lose
  12. He has Drops but he also has PLAYS. This offense without him be nothing
  13. Now that's a team player. This guy hasn't given up on the season like the whiny baby Jet fans. Good to see! Beat the Browns!
  14. Petty is hurt I think. Also from comments Chan made earlier in the year, it seems like he hasn't progressed the way they hoped. Plus Mac has a hard on for Hackenberg, might be the eyes.
  15. Good thing you aren't a consultant, because you wouldn't be a very good one. You essentially described what a GM does. You are acting in total assumption that the evil man in the corner (Woody Johnson) is controlling more then you think. Mac made the decision to sign Fitz to 12 million for one year, ensuring its only 1 year, smart move. Todd Bowles won 10 games last year, hes not getting fired because the Jets started 2-5. We don't need to spend money on more suits, let Mac have more then 1 year before you question the whole management program.
  16. Will be sitting Row 1 at this game in Cleveland, barking right back at the Dawg Pound
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