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  1. Coaches don’t hire qbs, Gms do. He also had 3 tds and no picks. Get a grip
  2. “They have a plan” “years ahead of the jets” “good coach” yes everyone draft picks solve all your problems
  3. If you think he doesn’t you don’t get football
  4. So those completely on target Throws to Anderson. Does petty make them?
  5. Amen. I wish I was a sell out tank fan sometimes but then again I realize they are losers and fake. We are real and will relish the day we win that super bowl. Of course then the tank crowd will Jump on our bandwagon. They are weak we are strong
  6. McCown 4 tds and no ints. yes he cost us the game
  7. McCown has 3 tds and no ints. He got striped sacked because our o line is awful. When petty completes a pass you guys act like they won’t the Super Bowl. Grab a bit of reality
  8. Please play petty next week so we can lose 40-0
  9. Someone has to explain to me the conclusive evidence to overturn that
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