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  1. All that young talent and picks have resulted in 1 win in 2 years is my point. It’s a terrible philosophy
  2. Peterman has 3 ints “but they are learning what they have”
  3. “But they have a plan” “ their front office gets it” “they have a good coach” and my favorite best from the cluseless tank crowd “they are years ahead of the jets in development” hahahhahahaha
  4. Not everything needs to tie back to the Jets you know
  5. Battle of the over rated qbs tonight
  6. There is no arguing McCown has been very good. His contributions has helped develop some of our younger players on the offensive side of the ball
  7. You could Jesus in the qb position, if we don’t fix that o line ain’t nothing going our way
  8. Heard Francesca on the way home. He seems very high on the jets and likes Bowles a lot
  9. Let’s just call it like it is. “Tanking” is not a real thing. It’s a term made up by couch potatoes fans with sticky Cheeto fingers. Pro athletes and coaches go out to win every game, you can’t blame Bowles for doing his job, which is trying to win games. The inept tank crowd also seems to forget as Cimini points out we have been playing the “kids” all year. Yes not at qb but look around the field and see who he has played. Yes we have forte but McGuire is getting touches etc. Petty got an audition last year and was awful. Hackenberg must be a whole new level of bad at practice if he doesn’t s
  10. Adam gase doesn’t impresss me to much
  11. So what about the buffalo game with a great game plan? The problem is this team changes its identity by the week
  12. What is your solution? Curious to know if you have a logical solution besides the old and tired way of thinking a 1 pick is Jesus walking on water will save the franchise
  13. Hahahahahaha “looked good in training camp”
  14. Because all those young players would learn so much going 0-10. Tanking is the stupidest idea
  15. Heard this before. Tank crowd has been wrong since week 1
  16. I’m starting to agree. Put petty in for 4 int performance to silence this crowd
  17. There is no way the giants pick after un anyway. Chill
  18. Nothing positive came from yesterday’s game but yesterday a lot of afc teams had a tough day leaving the afc wild card spots very much in play down the stretch http://www.nfl.com/standings?category=conf&season=2017-REG&split=Overall
  19. “They have a plan” lmao the tank crowd about the browns
  20. Can’t blame McCown the o line literally let people rush at him for free. It was disgusting
  21. I jet up and rooted for m team while you continued your fantasies about a draft pick that will solve alll your problems. Might as well still believe in the tooth fairy
  22. Where’s everyone going to drink this disaster away
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