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  1. Browns are an example why draft picks don't matter. When the Browns have a better record then the jets come talk to me
  2. She was a bad reporter given a job because she looks good...bye!!
  3. No! Win, it's what you do in a sport
  4. Going after a guy with a qb specialty for oc is prob a smart move considering our situation
  5. He's building a young roster with the 2020s in mind
  6. You morons forget we are playing a last place schedule too
  7. Bp played with heart all season, that's what I like most about him. Kid wants yards and to win
  8. I know, how? I'm all for w's above all and don't buy into the "rebuild" crap as it doesn't work in this league but in a weird twist of fate we learned a lot about this team this year. We learned about our young talent, we learned each of our qb's stink (sorry petty people but he's bad) we learned chan needs to go and we learned a lot about some of our veterans. I think also Todd has learned a whole lot about coaching. This is all sets up for a team that can be dangerous in 2017 and also commands two top 40 picks to boot. Our future is bright, we just need to solve this qb riddle and I at this
  9. They were scared to dress the guy so it might be accurate
  10. Imagine what all the draft obsessed jet fans be saying if we got blowout for 30 Points. Then it be a lack of effort, lack of discipline, embarrassing etc etc I realized you can win with these jet fans, a miserable lot for sure like "Mecca"
  11. They really do search for reasons to be miserable, it's truly amazing
  12. Omg we played a great game and won! I HATE this organization lol
  13. Someone call the waaaaambulence on this guy. Scary to know I gotta share a fan base with these guys
  14. The Jaguars and bears both loss. You can find this data on NFL.com. Therefore the jets were staying at 6 regardless. Are you disputing this fact?
  15. You will not stop them for looking for a reason to whine and Moan about the jets lol
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