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  1. This was a a funnnn watch. Bart just totally destroyed BB and it was beautiful
  2. NE isnt that good. They are average at best. I really think we should at least split the series with them this year
  3. No, everyone was really pumped after last years draft as well
  4. The narrative of May is nice and it feels good as a Jet fan But till the Jets actually translate all this to wins in the fall is when the real narrative can and may change
  5. Def have seen that guy crushing natty lights around 930 am in Metlife parking lot... Solid
  6. Going with Hall for me. That took balls. Told me they are serious about helping Zach and scoring points this year
  7. Anyone who would be ok with 6 wins or less is lost in the sauce Mandate to win at least 7 games? Yes 100 percent
  8. 7 wins is absolute minimum 8-9 should be goal
  9. Interesting take weeks before the draft
  10. I’m a fan of how it went down. But my erection won’t be fully hard till we win football games this fall. Im a results oriented guy
  11. Do we have 101? Lots of trackers are not updates?
  12. How many Jets fans representing in Vegas?
  13. Only way I’m good with taking a ******* tackle at 4 is if we deal Becton for a minimum 2nd rounder
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