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  1. Arizona looks like absolute garbage
  2. Calling a cardinals come back in 2nd half and epic bills meltdown
  3. Bills are laying an old school beat down of the cardinals. Rex can blow this lead only like red can
  4. As much as I want him to play in this critical game I think letting him rest one more week for Seattle is the better long run choice. Let enuwa and decker go 1 and 2 bring in jalin marshal for 3 more and see what the kids got. We could also get Robbie Anderson in the game.
  5. I wanted to go to this game so bad but my boss had other ideas. Hope to see some green in that sea of Red!
  6. We also face the pats the first time after our bye week while they have to travel back from a west coast game against the 49ers that week so thank the schedule makers for that at least.
  7. Week 2 has come and gone and the Week 3 NFL Power rankings are out. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000706332/article/nfl-power-rankings-week-3-redhot-steelers-claim-no-1-spot Good to see the Jets as a Top 10 NFL team. I will point out 2 above the Chiefs. Steelers at 1? I tend to agree. Discuss
  8. Chan has done well with the team he got. I know some complained about him being Old etc but it has seemed to work out well.
  9. Keep getting conflicted sources on the extent of Decker shoulder injury. Does anyone have any clarity on this?
  10. If we beat KC on the road ITS HUGE. Fly home to face Seattle with a ton of confidence. Imagine being 3-1 headed to Pittsburg? Oh I can. Oh I cannnnn
  11. KC all around looked pretty bad. We should not be fooled. Even the great teams have one bad game in a 16 game season. With that said, they match up pretty evenly with the Jets. Our weakness is the long ball and that's not a strength of Smith. Our Offense should do ok against their D, but Peters had 2 INT's yesterday. I think it will be a good game.
  12. If we beat kc in arrowhead this team is Gona be talk of the nfl and favored to win at home against a struggling Seattle.
  13. We should smash kc. Looked terrible today
  14. These taunting calls are getting out of hand
  15. Smith looks like sh*t. Good sign for us
  16. Another roll call. Anyone else going to Cleveland?
  17. First rule of being a jets die hard. Never root for the pats, ever
  18. Do the humane thing and whack Rex next for the Bills mafia
  19. The Bills could of hired Todd Bowles, Adam Gase, Hue Jackson, etc. Nope they went with Rex who was coming off 4 straight non playoff seasons. What they expect?
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