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  1. We need points on Thai drive before Big Ben gets mad and throws deep again
  2. Well defense comes back on the field. Ben prob laughing in the huddle "just run deep everyone"
  3. I never seen anything like this. Every game, every game
  4. My early season prediction was a loss here and win in Arizona to turn it around as we head into the easy part of the schedule
  5. Interested to see if it's there today In a game everyone has written them off
  6. Yea it's gona be one of those Seasons that will take years of recovery just to gain respectability back
  7. Make New York great again bear the Penguins
  8. No of course not. Doesn't Wana go through the embarrassment Brown will cause jomhim
  9. An apology about a team that lost a win and in game? That the jets and mets have in common
  10. I love how you all think drafting a 1qb will change it all around. Tell the Titans that
  11. I always had the jets starting 1-4 since August. However my scenario calls on jets wining on Monday night against cards and going on a run being Ravens Rams Browns and Dolphins to be 6-4 at bye. Watch folks watch
  12. Hilariously, listening to him now on ESPN "corners can't wait to face Fitz! One game against him and you can make the pro bowl"
  13. We did, Philly wanted to much and no one saw the complete implosion of Ftizpatrick
  14. Did everyone else watch Petty in preseason? He did not look ready for primetime.....calm down, I personally think hes a bust.
  15. Agreed I snagged tickets for the Browns game right next to the Jets tunnel first row for way cheap. As the browns continue to lose those seats will only get cheaper. Hope to see lots of Jet fans there!
  16. Reality and quick look at SeatGeek for Stubhub rejects the notion that Jet fans are getting "priced out" from going to a game. Upper deck seats are available right now for the mid 6o dollar region on Seatgeak for the Jets Ravens game for example. There is only 8 home games a year to an NFL team, this is NY/NJ, not KC, I think mid 60's is fair price in 2016 for tickets to a game.
  17. You right football is family to some. I see lots of grown dads and sons together, moms and daughters, spouses, etc. Depends what you call "causing trouble", if its yelling and dropping some foul language then don't belong in an NFL stadium. If its rowdy men physically hitting each other then I agree with you that can't be. My concern is you think you are getting tickets to a tea party. Its not and its not an AA meeting either.
  18. Do you remember 95 and 96? Tickets were cheap then, basically giving away some upper deck seats and no one went then either. I'm not a season ticket holder but at least a couple home games each year, lots of city cops, fire fighters, mailmen etc that are Jet Fans. Not sure who this supposed Rich Jet fan base is.
  19. Trust me those fans did not travel 3000 miles. Those are all bandwagon local Seahawk fans who get a chance to see their team live. NYC is also an international city so we are always going to have people living here from other places in the country.
  20. Well a 55 year old and 35 year old are at vastly different stages in their lives. One most likely has kids grown up who don't call them while the other have children with them. Of course the 55 year old is gona be drunker. I also don't see a problem with people getting a little drunk for their 8 Jet home games. Most Jet fans are blue collar hard working guys and gals who put in some long hours. If they want to have fun and get loud 8 days of the year then that's their right. An NFL game is an NFL game, gotta know that ahead of time before you take your 5 year old daughter. Just saying...
  21. 2-4 and this team can still make the playoffs. Our schedule is so easy after Arizona.
  22. Big Ben and Antonio Brown against our secondary? This is gona be so hard to watch. I think I will go for a long hike Sunday away from technology. Call me when its over
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