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  1. 1 hour ago, nyjunc said:

    I didn't say anything about 50/50, I said we could beat anyone on our sched.  that doesn't mean we will.  I do think we will finish anywhere btw 8-10 wins if we stay healthy.  


    I can't imagine being a fan and giving up after 1 game.  The funny thing is most of the best seasons in our history we got off to slow starts or at least lost week 1.


    1981: 0-3, finished 10-5-1 and made playoffs

    1982: 0-1, finished at 6-3, made title game

    1985: lost 31-0 week 1, finished 11-5 and made playoffs

    1998: started 0-2, finished 12-4, made title game

    2001: started 0-1, finished 10-6, made playoffs

    2002: started 1-4/2-5, finished 9-7 and won division.

    2010: started 0-1, finished 11-5 and made title game.


    it's ONE game, it was a damn frustrating game to lose but it's one game.  

    agreed and in 2014 we started 1-0 and went 4-12...sooooo

  2. 1 hour ago, JetBlue said:

    There I said it; one game into the season.  Why? Because I don't need 5 or 6 games to see Fitz just doesn't have the arm strength to scare defenses.    It will be dink and dunk and YAC all down the field.  One the reasons this worked last year is our effectiveness in the red zone.   Hopefully we will do better going forward than we did on Sunday. 

    Unfortunately, guys like Robby Anderson, Charone Peake and eventually Devin Smith will be underutilized if used at all because of Fitzs pop gun arm.   I hope I'm wrong but I don't think so. 

    I really wanted Geno to battle it out with Petty for the starting job going into camp.  I thought going in, that Geno would win that battle but Petty impressed the heck out of me with his arm and presence.  He as the Anti- Geno in that regard and seem to really take charge in the huddle.   I really would love to see what he could with all the weapons this team has.  

    Instead I have to sit and watch a journeyman that NO OTHER TEAM EVEN MADE AN OFFER TO, be looked upon as the "best option" for the Jets. I mean how pathetic is that?  

    Look at all the teams that just two years ago had no quarterback and now have their franchise or potential franchise quarterback in place

    * Cowboys (Prescott looks like the real deal)
    Hell even the Bills with T.Taylor and C. Jones

    I am sure I probably could name a few others but the point is made.  

    Meanwhile, we are trotting out Ryan Fitzpatrick..... let that sink in for minute.  Ryan FREAKING Fitzpatrick!!

    We have watched guys like Trevor Simian and Dak Prescott come out of practically nowhere and play well but we didn't have the balls to go with our home grown talent.  Instead management caved into Fitz's demands and the end result is we are no closer to finding out if Petty lead this team or not.  

    Hack is redshirted until 2017 and hopefully he will emerge but this would have been the perfect time to let Geno and Petty fight it out and let the best man start.   I am so sick of the fascination with mediocrity just because his teammates "love him" and wanted him back.    I mean who is in charge here?  Can you imagine something like this happening on the Patriots?  Do you think Bellicheck would give a flying **** what the players "wanted" when it came to personnel?  I guess that is one reason they are a perennial championship contender and we are still looking for our first true franchise quarterback since Namath. 

    I can't with this team.... 

    Somebody wake me up when they get some balls and starts Petty.   I hate to root for injury to any player but in Fitz case I will make an exception.  I have seen enough. 


    Oh my this is dumb.......What would you of liked the Jets to do? Start Geno? Start Petty? Anyone with an ounce of football knowledge knows Petty is not where he needs to be in the NFL. He and Hack can continue to develop on the bench. Again what options did we have? Stop getting all wet about Prescott because he played well in preseason, he lost his first game too. You don't throw a young QB out there win a win now team who won 10 games last year with Ftiz at the helm.

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  3. 12 hours ago, Jackie Treehorn said:

    Hi Ganggreen!

    I am a Swede who went to the home opener as a part of my honeymoon. I don't want to waste your time but I feel a big great thank you is called for. It was a great experience visiting MetLife watching the Jets. Unfortunately we didn't get the W but I will follow the Jets from Stockholm from now on and I will be back in NY and at MetLife. A true fan is not defined by the fortunes of the team but the passion he or she puts in to the team. But I know you already know that. My greatest wish is your fortune as Jets fans. We'll meet again!

    Go Jets!


    Welcome to our fan base! As someone who travels a lot it is a lot larger then people think! Convert more to the Green and White! Happy to hear you had fun!

  4. 2 minutes ago, joewilly said:

    Friend we wait from Jan to September to watch games. No fan should have to endure 10 days between games when the season does finally get here. Thursday night games are a horrible idea.

    but its only 3 days in between the last game?

  5. 2 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    Other than the Browns we are not noticeably better than those teams.  Sure, it's possible we can run the table but it's more likely 2-2...

    whoa whoa, we aren't better then the Rams? or Dolphins? cmon now cmonnnn

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  6. 1 hour ago, shawn306 said:

    The place is gonna be a madhouse. Opening night, and they are going to be retiring Bruce Smith's number.

    Jets are gonna have to step up their game to avoid going 0-2

    Metlife was a madhouse yesterday.......result didn't matter


  7. 6 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    Everyone knew this BILLS game was a MUST WIN GAME (even if we had beaten the Bengals) You have to beat your division foes. Bengals game was a toss up & any knowledgeable fan knew they were going to be tough, they went 12-4 & have been to the playoffs 5 YEARS IN A ROW! When's the last time the Jets went 12-4?

    But after watching the Seahawks & Cardinals I'm not giving up. Beat the Bills, have 10 days to get ready for KC who plays a very physical Texans team in Houston. Both Cards & Seahawks Olines looked terrible! David Johnson got 90% of his yards COMPLETELY ON HIS OWN,lol. Wilson has a high ankle sprain, he's a running QB, that won't heal before he plays us. Don't give up... don't EVER give up..Jim Volcano. Bowles ought to show the team that speech after they beat up Buffalo.

    Like how you think. Hawks looked bad yesterday against the Dolphins. Remember after the Monday night game in Arizona, we got Ravens, Browns, Dolphins and Rams. We can run the table.

  8. 9 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

    This is a game that I would be really disappointed if the Jets lost. They blew some opportunities but played really well against a top AFC team in the Bengals. They looked like they belonged. The Bills are not that good, not that well coached, and have a slew of injuries/suspensions already.


    I’m guessing/hoping that the wind isn’t going to be a huge factor in early September so the Jets offense should be able to move the ball well. I expect the Jets to turn those FG’s and missed points against Cincy into TD’s against Buffalo. Simply put, we have to win this game. If we fall to 0-2 with the Chiefs, Seahawks, Cardinals and Steelers coming up we are in big trouble. IMO the next 2 games are now critical. Buffalo and KC have to be wins for us. If we split we are still not in great shape.

    We gotta get the W against Buffalo. I honestly see us with a better shot at winning at home against seattle. If we drop the KC game, we are 2-2 headed into Pittsburg. Beat them or the Cardinals to head 3-3 against a slew of bad teams, Ravens, Browns, Dolphins,Rams. 7-3? Maybe....

  9. 1 minute ago, jdeacon said:

    Defensive slugfest. Sheldon is going to want to feast after watching out d rack up 7 sacks week 1. 

    Buffalo and Cincy are not even in the same universe when comparing talent on the team. I do expect to see Watkins feast on our secondary but I feel we eek out a victory at the end 17-14 jets. 

    We shouldn't eek this out, we should win it outright. Bills are garbage this year

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  10. 12 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:

    Lots of positive to take from yesterday - let's hope the Jets take their frustrations out on Buffalo 

    lets also remember in 2010 we started 0-1 too. It happens sometimes. Lots of football to play

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