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  1. OK Jet Nation, wipe your sad faces off and get ready for Thursday night. Lets put the W on the board, feel better about this team and use the extra time to prepare for the Chiefs on the road!

    Season is early, and missed FG, extra points aside there were some positives to look at yesterday.

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  2. 2 hours ago, varjet said:

    The Jets are not going to playoffs if they lose to Buffalo next week.  

    If they lose to Buffalo next week, they would not deserve to go to the playoffs.

    Cincinnati is a toss up, but if they can actually beat them, I think that is a sign that this is a playoff caliber team.  If they lose, I would not say they are out of it, but it will be a sign that they will have a tough time with other good teams, particularly those in the AFC North.

    Wow the Jets Bills game is just a week from today. So much Jets Football in the next 7 days!! Beer me!!!

  3. We have done well with the Bengals in the past. Being at home helps too. Our offense looks shaky but our D does not! That said if we can stop the run and pressure Dalton we should be ok. I still think Fitz will get his you know what together by Week 1. Also lets not forget the best weapon on the team, B Marshall was not on the field against the Giants.

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  4. On ‎8‎/‎13‎/‎2016 at 7:56 PM, Charlie Brown said:

    I watched a little bit of the Bills Game and I can honestly say they looked darn good.  Defense seemed real aggressive....

    Also Rex looked as relaxed as I have seen him in years on the sideline.  I think that his brother who seemed to standing near him on the sidelines has a genuine calming effect on him.


    During a week 2 preseason game? CMON MANNNNN, they lost 3 LB's to injury, Karlos Wiliams got cut, the best DL is suspended the first 4 games and Watkins is still not fully healthy. Team is a dumpster fire

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