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  1. Ever since he hurt his hammy it hasn't been worked.

    Giants run defense is very solid. So if Fitzpatrick plays like he did against Miami, we should win. Their defense ranking is also influenced by health.

    Ever since JPP came back they have been better.

    Wellhe looked fine bouncing outside yesterday and it sure beat the rushing up the gut for 2 yard runs we got used to for the last 3 weeks.

  2. The Giants have the worst defense in the league (NO is pretty close). Their secondary is an absolute joke. If the Jets are going to win this game, Marshall, Decker and yes Smith need to go off. I also expect to see that nice balance of Ivory and Powell working too.

    PS CHAN, sometimes you can run Ivory to the OUTSIDE, it seems to work!!

  3. oak vs tenn, go mariota !!!!!

    texans vs saints go brees !!!!!

    bills vs chiefs, go rexy !!!!!  (kc has super easy schedule we need them to lose this one)

    Indy vs tampa go crab legs !!!!! (never know who will win this crappy division)

    jacksonville vs chargers go rivers !!!!!! (jags could be 5-6 after this game)

    steelers vs hawks go wilson !!!!!






    rooting for the Bills has to be the stupidest thing I heard.

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  4. KC win was possibly a worse outcome than Buf win ... KC have a soft schedule to come, I could see them going 10-6 quite easily.

    I'm fine with Texans winning, but a Colts loss would have helped us - we need Houston to win the division ideally, as we have the tie-break vs. Indy but not Houston.

    which is why today was good for us. A division win by us too

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