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  1. Revis not done but hes not what he used to be either. All you have to do is watch film or see how Watkins man handled him Sunday. With that said the NOW Revis is still better then about 80% of the corners out there. We paid the man, hes not going anywhere, lets give him a little more help over the top and we should be fine.

  2. SOJ, jumping offsides, missed FG, dropped passes, 3 INT, a defense that looked completely baffled. Players on the sidelines shaking their heads in frustration in the early 2 QTR instead of adjusting and dusting it off. All in the biggest game of the year against an under 500 team. YEP thats vintage SOJ.

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  3. Maybe more - the return against philly and the kickoff fumble against buf come to mind right away as game losing plays.   But not just we can't return it and we give up big returns, we also really suck at punting, which has to be addressed.  I don't care about his stats Quigs does not pass the eye test, he shanks too many, ad yesterday at such an important time, that was HUGE.

    Well, what about the Bills botched ST play late in the first Rex Bowl and our Offense couldnt get in. Dont forget that one. Offense has failed us a few times as well in an overall good year.

  4. Part of the reason they weren't playing him is that he's been dealing with nagging injuries the entire 2nd half of the season.  Which is the exact reason why we can ill afford to give him a long-term, pricey extension.  His running style, while awesome in the short-term, is what keeps him out of games when you need him most.

    I've been one of Ivory's biggest fans since he arrived.  I defended him despite people ripping him for not being able to catch passes out of the backfield.  But he's extremely risky and will likely be looking for starting money and a 4-year deal to give him some security for the future.  No thanks.  It's hard enough to justify giving RB's a 2nd contract after their rookie deal, especially so for ones who have a well-documented injury history.

    If we're going to keep either Powell or Ivory, it has to be Powell.  We went 9-2 when Powell was available and he may actually come cheaper than Ivory.

    Powell will never rush for 1,000 yards.

  5. Yes I know we blew our own destiny away with a SOJ game but is anyone else bothered that the Steelers with the same record are in and we are not? We had no head to head game either (in fact last head to head last year we won). I understand the silly conference record thing but it may be time for the NFL to institute a play in like baseball does. I just feel the Steelers didn't earn this berth anymore then we blew it.

  6. As a Bowles fan I have to say his management of the clock yesterday was awful. I point to not calling timeouts at the end of second half and not getting a play off before the two minute warning. But past this game this seemed to be a problem ALL season for him. I thought we got rid of this when we got rid of Rex. Hopefully he learns from these mistakes heading into 2016.

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