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  1. Here's another 4th rounder in his first start with only one more season under his belt looking light years better then petty. Plus our second round pick isn't even good enough apparently to dress. Don't get me started on Sanchez. Yea we really know how to draft qbs 

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  2. That is how much we have lost by in our last 3 loses. Woody left in disgust during the dolphin game and didn't even show to the Cheaters game. There is having a losing season and then there are seasons like this where your organization is embarrassed. Trouble is a brewing for Todd Bowles....

  3. On 5/1/2016 at 0:50 PM, PCP63 said:

    I know it's hard to believe. You look at the stats and see the low completion percentage and overthrows.  You see a guy with bad footwork. How could he possibly be even a decent QB?

    Stats don't always tell the full story. If you actually break down the game film, you'll see that he's really not that inaccurate. Most of his incompletions are due to pass rush, drops, and batted down balls. His footwork? After O'Brien left, the coaches kept making him switch his stance, making it awkward for him.


    This is a kid that ran a pro-style Erhardt Perkins offense as a freshman. He makes the right reads, his audibles are immaculate, and he's very intelligent. Don't blame him for poor line play, and wide receivers that make the wrong choices on choice routes.

    When you look at his plays, don't look at the yards gained. Those don't tell you anything. Look at the reads, the audibles, the progressions. If you do, you'll see that he's the most pro-ready QB in this entire draft. And our franchise quarterback.

    lol what type of weed do you have? 

  4. Just now, hokiejetfan92 said:

    Idk if the AFC West is weaker than the AFC North, NFC South is probably just as strong as the NFC West now too. Other than Cleveland and Jacksonville our schedule is just as hard as last year. 6-10 baby!!

    stop smoking that stuff. TB and Carolina are garbage, ATL overated. Jacksonville, Cleveland again. KC at home this time too 10-6

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  5. 1 minute ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    Depends how the grades play out. QB and WR have to be the go-to if there is anyone there that remotely justifies the grade. The roster is so desperately in need of skill position players.

    There is no qb worth a top 6 pick in this draft 

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  6. 1 minute ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    It really is incredible. All the picks this team has had the past several years, and they still need guys for every single position excepting DE. Literally every single position.

    That said there is no ******* way that this team can burn another first rounder on defense. They haven't used a first on anything offense since Sanchez. It's time.

    So where do you go? Rb wr or oline? 

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