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  1. 44 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    Next year if this organization retains Todd Bowles. After 45 games Bowles has shown absolutely zero growth. His defenses are constant underachievers giving up huge play after huge play! I heard on the radio (Sirius XM NFL) that we are #1 in giving up over 50 yard plays & #2 in giving up plays of 20 yards or more! 

    Derek Carr (Yea, he's lighting it up this year...not), Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, Blake Bortles, Deshaun Kizer + his backup, Brady, Matt Moore, Matt Ryan (in a monsoon), Taylor again (he was benched soon after), Ryan Fitzpatrick (Lol), Cam Newton, Alex Smith, Trevor Simian (only playing because he was benched & Osweiller got hurt). Yea, a real murderers row here! Plus you got the best QBs in the bunch at home (Brady, Ryan, Smith & Newton), 1-3. 

    This guy STINKS! He has no feel for the game, is absolutely horrible with clock management (repeatedly bad, even this year), always starts vets over youngsters (are we still handing off to cement shoes Forte off left guard?), I believe we are top 3 in penalties. He is SO conservative I feel like I'm watching a game from 20 years ago. This guy hasn't developed ANYONE! He had to suspend Lee, Mo has literally dissolved into a joke before our eyes under Bowles watch (our highest paid player 17.5 million). He will NEVER develop a young QB, and why on earth would you guys want him too? There are young QBs starting in this league had they played for Bowles they wouldn't have seen the field! I know it, you know it, how in the hell does this organization not know this after 45 games? That's why I'm making this post, how can this Jets organization scrutinize a guys lack of success, two years in a row of having to take disciplinary action against players, without an iota of development in any part of the team other than the offense (which is a new coach, working with way less assets than the defense has been afforded with a burnt out RB (Forte), a bad Oline, an UDFA WR, a rehabilitated TE, a player obtained right before the season (Kearse), and a couple of rookie WRs & a QB who had lost 22 games in his last 24 played? Morton should win a medal! 

    Nothing! Bowles has shown absolutely not one iota of growth in his 3rd year as an NFL head coach, NADA! How can this organization justify to a fan like me that bringing him back to keep continuity (losing & showing no growth in any facet of the team) that his return is good for us going forward? Not one fan on this site could give a list of 3 things Todd Bowles is good at, how about give me one. Why isn't Chris Johnson not asking these questions? Its true, this organization accepts mediocrity, plain & simple. There is no structure. Just foolish silver spooned babies watching over their little toy football game as the players spin out of control, usually heading in the wrong direction. This organization doesn't even deserve the loyal fans it has in all of us. From Hess to Woody, nothing's changed, and until someone owns this team that really truly cares about winning & not just about the money, it will sadly never change.


    We don’t need ya, bye Felicia 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

    We’ll most likely end up 6-9 as someone mentioned earlier in a different thread. Would that be enough of a boost to help us trade into the top 3 because honestly i’d Take Baker #3 overall if Sam/Rosen go 1 and 2.

    we have to secure a QB no matter what this year. No more waiting around.

    We all know how this story is Gona end. We will sell the house for a bust 

  3. 8 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    I just don’t see what jets fans and the ownership are so impressed by with Macagnan 


    is is it the multiple playoff appearances?


    is it the multiple pro bowlers he gets in the draft every year?


    Is it the exciting young quarterbacks he keeps finding?




    Is it the 10-20 record last two seasons going back to week 17 2015?

    Oh now records count

  4. 1 minute ago, Stark said:

    The offensive line was horrible, wasn’t that your excuse for McCown. I guess it doesn’t work both ways. 

    Oh agreed! And McCown dealt with that all years and look at his numbers. Can’t wair to see Petty numbers after 4 games 

  5. 1 hour ago, joewilly12 said:

    Bryce Petty had 0 reps with the first team this week for that I give him a pass in todays performance, if he continues to play the the way he did then you open the door for Christian Hackenberg to start the last 2 games no ifs ands or buts. 

    Evaluate the all the QB's and make an educated decision going into next season 

    Petty has been on this team 3 years and started 4 games. So when is enough enough for you 

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  6. First I’m not quitting on the season..with that said 

    1) who is this team? They come out fired up or flat depending on the week? 

    2) I’m questioning Bowles. After defending him for a while the way he quits so easily is frustrating. When you are only down 13 why would you not call a timeout before the half? Moreover as much as petty seemed off, draws up the middle with 8 minutes left is embarrassing. 

    3) petty is awful. Give it up guys, we saw him last year and now we are seeing him this year. This 4th round pick doesn’t have it, maybe a 3rd stringer in this league at best. 

    4) what now? With McCown out at this point let’s take a look at hack. He’s prob Gona stink it up but we are out of options  

    rootinf for the jets to beat the Saints next week regardless.

    jet up!

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  7. 1 minute ago, JetsFanatic said:

    Petty has not been good so far. Missed an open Kerse on 4th down and threw behind Anderson on what would have been a huge gain.  That said, I would stick with the young QBs here on out.

    Not sure if this logic. Do you just want to see us creamed from here on out? Maybe they are just not good????

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