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  1. oh no, don't start with this. The grownups were having a discussion about ways to improve this team. We don't need the "root to lose" crowd. Sorry no REAL fan can sit there and root for the other team.

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  2. 1 minute ago, munchmemory said:

    What happened was a culmination of what some of us saw a few weeks ago: lots of veterans have been skating by with minimal to no effort.  Also that this coaching staff does not know what they're doing, especially on defense.  Without exaggerating, I don't remember a team where so many defensive players are completely lost and out of position.  How the fuk do TEs and receivers just walk in for TDs?  Revis now plays 10 yards off guys on third and twos?  LMFAO.  It's a disaster, folks.

    Agreed and once again I saw multiple plays where Revis just gets out of the way instead of making a tackle. Bowles is allowing him to do that with no consequences, now everyone else is doing the same. Revis should be cut today to send a message

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  3. After staring into a dark space for at least 30 minutes after the game and sleeping it off I woke up and asked the fundamental question. What just happened last night. We have all seen a lot of Jet games and a lot of football but the Jets on national tv no less looked like one of the worst teams I have watched in a long time. The team came out with zero electricity. I noticed this on the first series. How does Chan not have some good play calls to get us a first down? Instead the draw to Forte is always the plan. Then of course our "great defense" came on and allowed a touchdown easier then some high school teams I have watched. Jets offense comes on, bad snaps, drops, and the Colts come back on to march all over the Jets to make it 14-0. At this point I started to pinch myself to see if this was all a bad dream. You know the rest, the team continued to play AWFUL, turnovers, bad QB play, HORREDOUS defense, TERRIBLE special teams. I have to say I will still root for this team the last 4 games like always and will still show up to the Jets Dolphins game like I planned but if they put another performance like this on the field I will be one of those loud Boo Birds I detest so much. This team has NO EXCUSE to be an awful 3-13 team, with players like Marshall, Forte, Enuwa and a D line like they have. They have talent, they aren't SB caliber but this team should of been at least 8-8 and made December games relevant for Jet fans. I thought 2014 was bad but this is getting close to it. Now I have to go be mean at work, this is what the Jets have done to me this year......

  4. 9 hours ago, RoadFan said:

    Rex is not a good coach.  We knew that. How bad exactly is debatable.

    The OP is one of the worst thread starters at JN.  Not debatable.

    Where is the "Rah rah, go Jets! I will never hope my team loses!" thread this week?

    Tomorrow maybe?

    Yes I will be rooting hard for the jets to win tonight. Imagine that? A jets fan rooting for the jets...

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