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  1. So the debate has been RAGING about 4 and 10. Who we take or if we move them for a player or more picks. On Friday we if no trade happens get to see our two top 2nd round picks. We even heard about who we may take at 69 in the 3rd round. What I haven't heard from is who we take with the 4 picks round 4 and 5. Heck we got Carter in Round 4! Still will be talent left. So who do you guys see us getting in the late round picks. AT THE MOMENT we own 111 and 114 in Round 4 and 146 and 163 in Round 5. Nothing after.
  2. Thanks for the correction, yes Max. I always do a big family dinner on the eve so if we are home prob going to have to miss that one. Hoping for a road game Xmas weekend
  3. Brutal. Sunday’s on New Years and Christmas Eve/ going to move Sunday games to Xmas
  4. Yes and no. The Bengals did not retain Lawson mostly due to his injury past.
  5. Eye test will be a lot. Like to see Zach go out and win some games for us. That’s what good qbs do. def needs to be in top 15 if not what are we doing here? Our window in23 will close. This offense can run with smart veteran who play if it comes to that
  6. Everyone wants Zach to succeed this year but we can’t sink the ship with him in 23 if he is bad again this year
  7. Like I have said before. If the Jets can only win 2 more games then they did last year then Zach didn’t have a good year 2. I think that’s a safe assumption
  8. 3 full seasons 1 he took over in June making ton of transactions before opening days So yea 4 seasons in the GM box
  9. 6 wins is progress? My god you guys set your standards low. So is the 2023 goal downgraded from afc East champs to 8 wins?
  10. Maybe. Why is it such a radical idea that a guy who had 4 seasons under his belt as a GM and his team consistently is one of the worst teams in the league get canned? At some point we gotta stop propping this guy up over the Jamal trade and ask the question. When is this team actually going to compete?
  11. If the Jets can’t win more then 6 games that means two things a) Zach Wilson didn’t play well b) This roster is not close to competing in 2023 Which May make us ask the fundamental question. WTF is Joe Douglas doing besides losing football games that make you all think he’s so smart. This guy make a great traveling con man back in the day.
  12. If the Jets win 5 or less games this year his seat will be very very warm.... If Zach wilson throws under 10 TD's again his seat will be on fire..... The fan base is going into this year with lots of hope and expectations in a stacked AFC. Don't think alot of losing this year will change some narratives up. Is JD here in 23? I agree most likely BUT a football season, if an ugly one, can be a lifetime in many ways. Just ask Joe Judge
  13. 10 years lol? Some people man...... That's a crazy take. Football alone changes every 10 years...
  14. Yea I think that’s pretty indisputable. If Zach busts out, JD needs to be driven out of town. Let’s all hope that’s not the case
  15. The AFC is stacked? What did we do To keep pace? I would argue not enough. If I’m wrong thank god! Because that’s means we are winning This whole thread has been very silent on the elephant in the room is Zach good? That’s going to dictate a lot
  16. 100 percent correct. JD and Flacco have some weird ravens connection that won’t die.
  17. Lol well yes. I think everyone wants improvement. So what is your standard? 6 wins? 8? Im having a hard time judging success when the only real gauge is wins
  18. Here’s my question. When do you think the Jets should be competing for a playoff spot in the new 7 team format?
  19. Agreed. 2022, the 4th year of his contract, we need to start seeing results
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