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  1. This off-season has convinced me some Jet fans are just fine with perpetual 8-9 type seasons
  2. The narrative around JD has been shifting from good gm to average gm and facts spell it out.
  3. Seriously got to step your game up. The make a video thing is old
  4. What happened to the "high character guy" hymm JD and Saleh like to pitch....this is the guy who got a late night in season DWI last season and who offense dropped off ALOT since 2021 when he took over.... A very meh to suspect hire
  5. Can you make an accurate thread title or are you just that lazy / bad at this
  6. I mean why not add a 3rd generation of Ryan’s to the Jets coaching staff?!
  7. Might want to re read the responses chief
  8. I love how poeple keep stating this as its a fact. We have no idea what would happen. If you told me we lose BOTH homes games to the Lions and Jags I laugh at you...but it happened. AVT and Breece "getting the jets in the playoffs" is pure speculation
  9. Yes yet under his regime (4 years now)not one winning season. Something is wrong. Coaching? Well he hired him as well. Something is off. Not saying to fire him tomorrow but am I rolling out the carpet for 13-37? No I’m not.
  10. He took zach 13-37 with no qb entering 23
  11. sure......but what he says makes sense and it seems to be trending as Carr and Rodgers seem to be slipping away
  12. Funny how I’m not tho…
  13. I think we are down to one. Tannhill from your group. All signs so far have Jimmy g and Rodgers leaning elsewhere. It’s getting scary
  14. I will def sell mine
  15. People post links all the time. Keep scrolling if your Gona be a troll
  16. Are we really headed down this road. Disaster if it comes to be https://www.audacy.com/wfan/sports/jets/boomer-jets-may-settle-on-baker-mayfield-or-andy-dalton?utm_campaign=www.audacy.com%2Fwfan&utm_content=1675959166&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_term=WFAN-AM&fbclid=IwAR1JLJI9Q3NI_crvinUntsi8Mv9MPQeSm2FLzDzk0ZvRJtm_NNukJza56Cg
  17. Yes small school QB with great numbers against garbage defenses.... What could go wrong!
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