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  1. Darnold has 1/3 of the yards in this game MC the RB does for the Jets all year
  2. Excellent QB. I was on the get him train when it was an option. I wonder where the Jets be with him at the helm. Can't be worse then where we are now
  3. Have to be honest. I feel Metlife is clean, open, the field always in great shape, right off 95 conveniently. I really have no issues with the game day experience. They could do a better job with the exit from the parking lot, but getting 70k people out of any place is going to have issues.
  4. Oh god the metlife thing again Besides the outside design what’s the beef? Do you go to watch football or “the experience” I don’t know I spent the game in the stands watching football and I tailgate. A parking lot is parking lot.
  5. Ewww Smog, fake people, terrible layout, and a traffic problems worse then NY Hard pass
  6. So you should know better Unless you feel I don’t know Jacksonville or green bay are better towns then NY
  7. Does anyone remember a year worse for NY football.. City deserves better
  8. Because the boomer portion of fan base should know better then to bank on draft picks to fix our team
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