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  1. Remember after the bills jets game he compared us to an ex gf who somehow wanted him back. Yea Rex Jets 8-5 Bills 6-7 We reallllyyyy want you back rex!!
  2. anddd tyrod with the geno throw!! lol rexxxx
  3. Bradford with a Geno smith play there..damn
  4. Bad decision to kick FG. Gotta play the field position game with our Defense.
  5. Fitz is not good with the deep ball but great drive.
  6. WOW stub hug has row 3 section 111 for 162 a pop. Someone get those. STEAL
  7. Wow, its going to be so warm. I live in Tn now but wish I could go.
  8. He is not a good TE. Look it up smart guy
  9. SO theJets signed Brandon Bostick to the practice squad (You know the guy for the biggest special teams mistake all last year on the onside kick for the packers against the Seahawks). Guess Bobby April decided his special teams unit should be an even bigger laughing stock then it is now. The often confused and bewildered faces of Geno Smith in 2014 have been replaced by Bobby April. Anyone else notice that. Seems like they cut to him alot, OH YEA BECAUSE WE BLOW A BIG PLAY every game.
  10. The point is we literally have ZERO tight end threat at the moment. Fitzpatrick is a short field passer and would be helped tremendously by a catching TE. Imagine how more open Decker can get to in the slot.
  11. Watching Witten doing well tonight for the Cowboys. I couldn't help but think to myself it must be nice to have a Tight End on your team.
  12. I watch alot of football. The Jets are easily the worst Special Teams unit in the league. We lose the field position battle every game.
  13. If Texans beat the Pats next week and Jets beat the Titans this game will be flexed because Jets will suddenly be in the AFC East race. How bout that!
  14. So, we are all feeling good but you had your victory Monday morning now on to next week. The Titans. I'm a New York transplant who now lives north of Nahsville so I get to see this team alot. Let me make something clear, they are much better then their record indicates. Marriota is the real deal and their defense makes plays. I'm nervous about this Trap game, that we are SUPPOSED to win. Jets need a solid plan and play it like a playoff game.
  15. Flex the Jets Pats game maybe in Week 16 too?
  16. I know I know but stay with me for at least next week. If Jets beat the Titans and Texans beat the Pats then will we think about it???......maybe I'm just getting to pumped for that game at Metlife I have tickets for.
  17. JETSSSSS!!! I stoped watching in the 4th and my wife called me back!!
  18. Offensive line is being embarrassed. Cant put this on FITZ
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