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  1. If the Jets win 5 or less games this year his seat will be very very warm.... If Zach wilson throws under 10 TD's again his seat will be on fire..... The fan base is going into this year with lots of hope and expectations in a stacked AFC. Don't think alot of losing this year will change some narratives up. Is JD here in 23? I agree most likely BUT a football season, if an ugly one, can be a lifetime in many ways. Just ask Joe Judge
  2. 10 years lol? Some people man...... That's a crazy take. Football alone changes every 10 years...
  3. Yea I think that’s pretty indisputable. If Zach busts out, JD needs to be driven out of town. Let’s all hope that’s not the case
  4. The AFC is stacked? What did we do To keep pace? I would argue not enough. If I’m wrong thank god! Because that’s means we are winning This whole thread has been very silent on the elephant in the room is Zach good? That’s going to dictate a lot
  5. 100 percent correct. JD and Flacco have some weird ravens connection that won’t die.
  6. Lol well yes. I think everyone wants improvement. So what is your standard? 6 wins? 8? Im having a hard time judging success when the only real gauge is wins
  7. Here’s my question. When do you think the Jets should be competing for a playoff spot in the new 7 team format?
  8. Agreed. 2022, the 4th year of his contract, we need to start seeing results
  9. For all our upgrades we are Def 4 out of 4 in the AFC East and I don’t know how others don’t see this
  10. No. But if we go 5-12 this year the conversation needs to happen. I agree he is good with money. On talent evaluation and building a roster? Ehhh he’s just ok and then results show that
  11. Exactly. This is all nice. He manages money well as we go 6-27 Color me not impressed
  12. When the Jets start winning football games JD can be considered a good general manager. Savy with contracts? Sure I can give him that. But the goal is to build a football team that wins games. Something we have yet to see
  13. Showed up to PT more times then I like to admit hungover....hustled my ass off, so no one cared
  14. Not really surprised, who had JD ever actually paid besides JFM? JD rolls the dice on value signings and draft picks. Hell of a way to live on the edge but here we are It's going to be BOOM or BUST for the Jets in 2022
  15. If we go o line at 4 JD should be tarred and feathered
  16. Well since everything this is being done right I’m looking forward to an excuse free season
  17. It ends with “and although their record won’t show it (being on the rise) in 2022, I love what they are doing” lmao So basically he says we are going to suck again but look better sucking? Just make the damn roster competitive!!
  18. This is the laziest excuse ever. JD picked for a system and CS? Are you kidding me. He picked bad players. He consistently says hes a BPA drafter. You really think Adam Gase was banging on the door for Becton? Stop
  19. I think you sum it be nicely. Although I still think they need more weapons, they may still add them via draft and late FA deals. There is really no excuse to lose this bet, that would make the jets 5-12 at best this year? Yikes.....
  20. We should beat the Lions, Bears and Jags at home....
  21. Personally, yes I think we can win 6 games. This teams basement number should be 8 wins in a 17 game season or we are not "on pace" as we are supposed to be with this rebuild. The Bengals won 4 games in 2020
  22. The Jets with a roster equaling maybe the Wagner Football program won 4 games in 2021. You are saying they are not capable of winning 2 more games this year? If so thats a stunning indictment on Wilson and this entire rebuild.
  23. Guys! WHAT YALLL EXPECT?!! WINS?? JD need MORE CAP space and draft picks to win. 2023 target will now be moved to 2024 All kidding aside about the ridiculous lenght of the rebuild, this team still isnt good enough. We need more weapons
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