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  1. QW is talented, getting better, and a solid team player. JD is seeing early 2nd rounder potential!! lol
  2. Count on JD to trade away any actual veteran players because the rookie experiment is clearly going glowingly for us
  3. “Get better” The 2021 NY Jets ”Win football games” The other 31 teams Im so excited to be on the JD wild experiment ride with our pee wee football hype. “Just play better guys” Will everyone get a trophy at the end as well? Joke franchise
  4. They thought they were smarter then everyone We all know the young guy at work like this. Who needs the boomers, we got this nah you don’t bro
  5. 31 This week with some shade at the coaching staff in the write up 31 3 New York Jets 1-4 Previous rank: No. 28 The Jets mysteriously lost their momentum somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean before landing in London, delivering a deeply lackluster performance in a 27-20 loss to the Falcons at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Robert Saleh hits the bye week with more holes to plug than fingers on his two hands: The defense is coming up empty in the game’s most important moments, whil
  6. I'm wondering what JD does before the trade deadline. Try to acquire some talent to fill some holes? NAHHH, JD gona JD and send some talent over for late rounders......just wait for it...
  7. Zach Wilson has been really bad so far... He needs to improve in his reads and accuracy. He doesn't need a hero receiver, he needs to find the open men he keeps missing.
  8. SAME.....many bad bad words came from my mouth lol
  9. DING DING DING....Agreed The problem is those 3 things are VERY BIG MISTAKES. Number 3 is still the most head scratching one of all 3 bad decisions. In fairness, a little of 2 is on Saleh, who was able to pick his own staff but someone shoulda stepped in and said "We surreee this a good idea?"
  10. Same, will never stop watching. I already know this. I have learned to deal with defeat though. It's a numbing feeling. Sundays are still not fun when they lose but I have matured enough to not have my entire Sunday ruined.
  11. No, that excuse is gone. Blow it up you all said after Woody gave this team lots of money signing FA in the last 4 years. So he did The Johnsons fired Gase They then hired JD, which you all applauded. JD then hired Saleh, which you all applauded. JD has Saleh report to him, which you all applauded. The Johnsons have no role in this mess.
  12. "Patience" is GM talk of saying we know we suck, and are TRYING to fix it. Doesn't mean they will or their plans will pan out.
  13. Love this post Came from Giants family. Was a kid who liked green, started watching at 10, never stopped. GO JETS
  14. As a veteran myself not sure whos worse, the downer, or the Hooah Hooah everything is ok guy in a toxic command climate..... Plays both ways
  15. What people fail to realize is this "build through the draft" is not the only way to go. The Jets didnt build anything through most of their successful runs, rather were smart in veteran FA with a small core of originals they did draft. JD has taken a radical approach, CUT EVERYONE and somehow try to tread water with rookies and guys who be 2nd and 3rd string on any other roster, in the belief he will hit on all his picks. Clearly, he hasn't. He took a 7 win team, and made into a team who doesn't even look like they belong obtaining 3 wins in the last 21 games. I'm sure JD is a nic
  16. If its nice out, take the family out do something. Escape the league for a week as well.
  17. Plus 1 Been harping this for a while. This idea its ok for the Jets to 2-15 and there will be some magical turnaround next year because they will have another Saleh soft camp boggles my mind. These kids need to taste winning, learn how to win, and benefit from the doors it can open with FA. No one wants to come to a 2-15 team. This year the Jets need to win some football games. The Bills won 6 in Josh Allens rookie year and went to the playoffs the next year. 2-3 win seasons are not helpful to anyone.
  18. Not buying this it’s all the offense fault. The defense has failed to make stops when it matters. Example we get to 20-17 and Atlanta takes the field, easily marches down and makes it a 10 point game ending it. They got a few fumbles but are also the only team in football without an interception. When comparing the two sides I do agree the offense has been worse but I’m not buying into this narrative our D is dominant or somehow not responsible for losing.
  19. This is why we needed a veteran QB. You bench the kid, dont damage him anymore. You let him watch that serviceable vet make those throws and the positive yards it produces. JD having Mike White as the backup was one of the stupidest roster moves I have seen in this league.
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