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  1. But the bengals didn’t win. The rams did. They put a Lombardi trophy in their office for a year
  2. When McVey is the HC, little MLF is nothing more then an offensive passing game coordinator there
  3. THIS. You get it. Wer are in the part where we got the talent via draft. Now finish it off with FA splash.
  4. 1) Whats the alternative? Do you assume Jimmy G or Zach come back great? 2) So? 3) Ok you thinlk they are top 10 not top 5? I will take it 4) What young talent are they "throwing away" What does that even mean We have let JD and Saleh build. They have not secured a QB and that is why we are playofless under their tenure. There are lots of good players on sub 500 teams. Guess what they all are missing. JD and Salehs plan was Zach. Lets not recreate history and act like they didnt have their say or chance to get it right. They just screwed it up.
  5. Yep eventually you gotta push your chips in. As the old saying goes "takes money to make money" Is there a chance you lose? Of course, but its time to take a shot.
  6. I don't understand Jet fans sometimes. They hord money and draft picks like they are managing their kids 529 account when in reality the money belongs to the guy they swear they hate, Woody Johnson, and draft picks outside of 2022 have done very little to ever help this franchise. Remmeber how we spent 2 years teraring down and tanking to get Zach. Yes that was smart. So here is why we should 100 percent "mortgage the future" 1) The Jets have a top 5 defense. The window on that type of defense is 2-3 years usually looking around the league. Defense is important, and more important in late season and playoff football. You can't underestimate this. 2) Breece Hall, Garret Wilson year 2. Elijiah Moore year 3. Uzomah waiting to be unleashed. This offsense has weapons and CAN score with competent QB play, let alone star QB play a guy like Rodgers would provide. 3) Contracts. All this rookie and 2nd year talent will be asking for extensions come 24 and 25. We simply will not be able to pay them all. OUR WINDOW IS NOW 4) The Jets arent rebuilding anymore, they are in execution phase. Losing a first rounder this year or in 24 is not a game changer or hurt the chances moving forward. If JD is all we may or you make him out to be he should be able to find starters in round 2-3 and depth beyond. The Jets need to be aggresive and absolutly mortgage the future. A Superbowl, a deep playoff run will bring legitimacy to this team and the rest will take care of itself. YES NOW IS THE TIME TO GO TO THE BANK AND ASK FOR THAT MORTGAGE. Our franchise depends upon it.
  7. Rodgers next! its a done deal
  8. White can’t stay healthy and is limited
  9. Saleh has never been good at the podium. I can overlook it if he starts winning….which hasn’t happened
  10. Then I don’t know DONT DRAFT if you aren’t sure and trade the pick for a haul like some of us screamed from the roof tops 🤦‍♂️
  11. You missed the whole point of my thread. It was the rookie contract and spend money in other positions stance he took. Now we are getting burned by that gamble by release reliable veterans to bring in a veteran QB. So instead of balancing our team out, we are going to lose talent to gain more talent at QB
  12. It’s his make or break year. He still hasn’t gotten a contract extension. He knows he needs playoffs this year. He’s going all in
  13. Joe Douglas bet all his chips on Zach Wilson. He literally said one of the reasons to trade sam was to “reset” financially on the QB position. He thought he be able to build around a guy on a rookie contract. It blew up spectacularly in his face last year. Now we are where we are. Fans don’t seem to grasp how bad missing on Zach was for this organization. It wasn’t “just another whiff” as some fans want to paint it as. The entire rebuild plan by JD was centered on Zach. Now that It’s proven JD got Zach wrong we are ****ed. Wake up Jet fans
  14. Imagine what we have to pay to retain sauce breece JJ etc in 2-3 years. Go all in now
  15. Dude, it’s monday positive vibes only. I got an important work call at 2
  16. Yes because I have incentive to pretend to heckle a football executive
  17. Much of the narrative through the season was "how tough" the AFC East was. In the last few weeks we witnessed the Patriots missing the playoffs with a Mac Jones in decline, an absolute free fall by the Dolphins only to be quickly eliminated the first game in and maybe more importnatly a Bills team with Josh Allen who can never seem to seize the moment in the big game. Is it just me or does winning the Division not seem such a tough task anymore?
  18. They haven’t even gotten to the afc championship the last 2 seasons
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