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  1. 1 minute ago, Nixhead said:

    Dont cave Joe - offer what you feel comfortable with and don't overbid against yourself. Yes we want Deebo but no more than the 10th pick!

    He will give more then the 10 pick. Almost certain of it. I’m thinking one of the 4ths is added in as well. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    If you're Deebo Samuel and you have outplayed your contract - are you honestly going to play for $4mm when the market is $25mm with likely $65mm guaranteed.  The 49ers will have to pay him - just a question of if they're willing to meet the market price.   No way he's playing under the rookie contract.

    So yes, 9ers can step up and if they offer him something like $65mm guaranteed and assure him he's a WR and not a RB - they can get it done.  

    Or they can let him hold out - deal with the headache of that and not recoup any draft capital.   

    I think ultimately the pull the trigger on a trade.

    49ers dont have a 1st round pick. That def weighs on them. Now they can flip Debo for 10 if JD offers it up and replace him with a WR. I think its a win win move for both teams. I hope it happens. 

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  3. So the debate has been RAGING about 4 and 10. Who we take or if we move them for a player or more picks. 

    On Friday we if no trade happens get to see our two top 2nd round picks. We even heard about who we may take at 69 in the 3rd round.

    What I haven't heard from is who we take with the 4 picks round 4 and 5. Heck we got Carter in Round 4! Still will be talent left. 

    So who do you guys see us getting in the late round picks. AT THE MOMENT we own 111 and 114 in Round 4 and 146 and 163 in Round 5. Nothing after. 

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