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  1. Agree, what about a silent count? All he needed was a foot (no Rex jokes please 😀)
  2. You can listen live, but no video.
  3. In previous years, the game replays were available after the 4 o’clock games finish, so roughly 7:30-8pm EDT. Not sure if they’ll do it differently this year...
  4. Here I was thinking I’d finally discovered a “clue” and ran with it... So to clarify, that was purposefully posted to get a reaction?
  5. It’s one thing, but not the only thing... it’s just what I picked up on today. I still have to go back and read through a bunch of pages
  6. Me too, I’m just trying to piece things together. With so much happening, I try and latch on to one thing that stands out to me.
  7. I was trying to point out that you were confirmed town.
  8. AJ votes you, you come in and claim town, cool. Cool, I’m town too Let’s vote Spoot Someone brings up pdxgreen, your flag goes up. You also mention in another post, that your suspicious of him due to precious interactions, but I don’t see any interactions between the two of you Now FOSing MS-GATA OK, now vote for pdx, cause AJ said so? ——————————————————- I may have missed something, but these exchanges raise a bit of a flag for me... Seems like a lot of flip-flopping in such a short time frame
  9. Just curious why you used the term ‘top choice’, when we know he is town.
  10. @Beaver doesn’t seem to be an angry person, I don’t think he voted for you.
  11. Isn’t Nolder confirmed Town? “Replaced by @Nolder: Mod-confirmed Vanilla Town (Hamato Yoshi, Splinter's trainer)“
  12. Gotcha, thanks! When you say automatic, is that literal or does it still require a team consensus/vote?
  13. All the best with the babies and the procedures! Twin Gemini’s, good luck with that 😀

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