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  1. The NYC flag edition... All teams are integrating their local flags into the draft hats Islander & Mets fans will like it 😄
  2. Are you holding the shotgun on them while they sign these autographs? ”Make it out to Tony, or I’ll blow your f$@&ing head off”
  3. We’ll see... in some of the more recent, hi-res pics, the colors seem more aligned. As someone said, it’ll never be a perfect match due to the metallic vs matte textures.
  4. Agree, and I think the lighting is a reason for the “helmet color doesn’t match uniform color” comments. Can’t wait to see them on the field. im very happy with them, helmet is just awesome.
  5. They’re labeled “color rush” in the description @jetsshop, so I would think so
  6. I’m ok with them, but after 4 years of work, this is the best they came up with?
  7. Let’s not forget the new OLine coach, hopefully he can coach these guys up a bit. IIRC, he helped turn around the Bengals line that was pretty bad prior to his arrival...
  8. Yep, would be nice if this was streamed on their site...
  9. Yep, Pitt wanted a rolling guarantee structure, which only guaranteed $10M the 1st year. Makes more sense now...
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