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  1. ID.

    Fans turn backs on Redskins.

    That’s hysterical! It’s all sunburn posts 😄
  2. It does, if it’s in relation to Santa Claus, UFOs or Bigfoot
  3. You have a point for sure... I look at those prior 1st rounders being picked using Mac’s ‘good-ole’ BPA philosophy. I hope you’re right and Mac nails next years draft, free from anyone forcing his hand. But it’s not a good look for him to be strongarmed or influenced like that, unless Chris/Woody gave that kind of power to Bowles...
  4. ID.

    John Harbaugh to the Jets?

    Are we going to be hit with tampering charges? Watch us lose our 1st round pick...
  5. I’ve wondered this myself, in a “normal” environment the GM would have a dialogue with the coaches about their options. But in the end, the GM would make the call. If Bowles is dictating who the team drafts, it’s an even bigger issue. I can’t see that being a reality... If it is, we’ll need new ownership to become a successful franchise.
  6. I hope you’re right, regarding playoffs. He’ll need to have one hell of an offseason, with home runs in the draft & FA. The best we can hope for is he ditches his BPA model and goes heavy on Offense and gets some playmakers to help Darnold. That’s really what these next two years are all about, how Sam progresses
  7. If the teams performance remains similar under Mac and the coach he hired, how long do they keep him around? Mac will get another two years minimum in this scenario... A scary thought, based on past performance and a decision that will keep us in the basement of the NFL
  8. “ssslytherin snape”
  9. Pats D got me 7 points in FF, I was pissed they didn’t get more...
  10. Could be worse, it could be raining...
  11. “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood...”

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