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  1. Patsferential treatment

    Understood, this was just a thought that crossed my mind and I was surprised someone else had it. Didn’t mean to offend...
  2. Patsferential treatment

    I thought I was the only one who had this same exact thought... America on the brink of war, in need of some “Patriots”
  3. There's only one GOAT....

    “I know you don’t like it, but you’re gonna have to learn to love it... Woooo!”
  4. I had nightmares about that dude, his little hat and all 😄
  5. Indoor teams or 0-12 in conference championship games played outdoors Soon to be 0-13
  6. 1 False start overturned to encroachment 1 TD taken away from the Jags for “lack of ball control” after runner/receiver crossed the goal line thus resulting in a fumble, touchback and Pats ball from the 20
  7. Awesome pic! Love Frenchies, we have two who’ll be rooting for the dawgs tonight!!
  8. Awesome, moar defense!! In all seriousness would be nice to have someone to get to the opposing QB... http://www.tankathon.com/nfl/players/arden-key
  9. It's my first time watching Darnold tonight... Now, I'm a total newbie in regards to college football, but I agree with you. Does he always look to the sidelines when calling plays or changing the play call? Is he not allowed to call plays himself? What about the blocking schemes? Seems wierd, not sure if all offense are run this way? That said, he does progress through the reads nicely, quick release and good accuracy... His receivers are not helping him tonight (drops) and this Texas D is playing lights out.
  10. Total dreamland scenario, we get the 1st overall, Cleveland the second. Cleveland offers 4 of their 5 picks in the first two rounds to move up. We get a franchise QB plus enough picks to surround him with serous talent...