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  1. I love it, sounds like a Game of Thrones episode 😀
  2. ID.

    Copeland and Luvu.

    Extreme use of eye-black? 😀 Seriously, I watched his YouTube college highlights and was intrigued. Seems like he has a high motor and can get after the QB from the edge. Just needs to keep working hard and listen to Coach Greene. I’m rooting for him!
  3. I remember this happening under Rex’s defenses; they’re so complex, players would miss assignments leaving WRs wide open
  4. ID.

    Supporting cast failures

    Please, for the love of God, make it so!
  5. ID.

    Darrelle "No Show" Revis

    Did he tell the Jets anything? Did he just not show up?
  6. That author must really hate her ex-husband, with all these cuckhold novellas 😄, ill bet he cheated on her... As for the bolded above, I heard people are using reams of paper instead of sandbags to protect their homes from flood damage
  7. Yes, I believe he left to take part in the 33rd annual Nova Scotia dolphin roundup & slaughter. He participates every year.
  8. They see me rollin', they hatin' Patrollin' and tryna catch me pissin' dirty tryna catch me pissin' dirty tryna catch me pissin' dirty

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