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  1. I think this what Hell would be like, an eternity of watching this game over & over
  2. OK, your off to Indy. Straight up for this gal, she’s got the measurables and just the right amount of ‘flair’
  3. I’ve got N. Chubb going tonight in FF. Hoping for 3 TDs from him, but the Jets win 28-21 😀
  4. Fun fact(s): A sound of 1,000 Decibels would create a Black Hole larger than our Galaxy. Generating the sound would require the power equivalent to 4 billion years worth of our Sun’s energy
  5. The replays are available after the 4 o’clock games finish, so roughly 7:30-8pm EDT I has it last year but did not renew, too long of a wait to watch, IMO
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/ChoosingBeggars/
  7. I know Woody is ambassador, but could this really happen?? @BurnleyJet any thoughts? 😄

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