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  1. Awesome, moar defense!! In all seriousness would be nice to have someone to get to the opposing QB... http://www.tankathon.com/nfl/players/arden-key
  2. It's my first time watching Darnold tonight... Now, I'm a total newbie in regards to college football, but I agree with you. Does he always look to the sidelines when calling plays or changing the play call? Is he not allowed to call plays himself? What about the blocking schemes? Seems wierd, not sure if all offense are run this way? That said, he does progress through the reads nicely, quick release and good accuracy... His receivers are not helping him tonight (drops) and this Texas D is playing lights out.
  3. Total dreamland scenario, we get the 1st overall, Cleveland the second. Cleveland offers 4 of their 5 picks in the first two rounds to move up. We get a franchise QB plus enough picks to surround him with serous talent...
  4. NFL Sunday Ticket

    I've had it for the last 8 years, only negotiated a lower price a couple of times. I've heard it's a bit harder and the price reductions aren't as big as they used to be to now that AT&T is running the show. Personally, I'm going the Kodi route this year. Good luck either way...
  5. I think what he has been trying to explain, is the aspect of pointing the foot is foundational. It is at the core of almost all athletic throwing motions and that is something that should never be "lost". If it is, that's a huge problem...
  6. Do you know what this is? Its the world's smallest violin playing just for the waitresses.
  7. Draft Grade's

    Here is a breakdown of 10 sites, with their draft grades... CBS: C+ FOX: B- USA Today: B+ SB Nation grade: C+ Sports Illustrated: C- Washington Post: B Walter Football: A NFL.com: B The Sporting News: A- Scout (I know): C- Averages to a B-, which may be on the high side, but not a disaster by any means. Truth is we won't know for a few years. Bottom line, we can't change who we picked, so I'm not going to be upset about it. Just have to root like hell for the team and not worry about what might have been. Hopefully one of these years we get that franchise QB, surround him with good personnel and go from there.
  8. Two things concern me: (1) he has long hair, it could burn for a while (2) his "T-Rex" arms are too short to put his hair fire out
  9. Jamal Adam's leadership alone is worth six wins...
  10. We've got plenty of Safeties, so no problem there
  11. Agree, some of these posts are just classic. The JoeWillie "Thunderbird" gif response to SAR I's "Grandma/Bitch" post, has got to be one of the best 1-2 combos I've ever read. its a birthday present that will keep on giving, like our three new Safeties...