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  1. Like this guy, has that “look” of a 4-3 DE
  2. Bonjour, with the “Shanahan“ offense, we won’t need star RBs. Anyone with a pulse will do fine...
  3. I think it was more saying “wait and see”, instead of “hyping the hire”...
  4. I think the 49ers promoted him
  5. What’s the context here? Any good article(s) that encapsulates the issue?
  6. Good point, someone who knows the system already and help Fields/Wilson get up to speed...
  7. Just read an article that provided some insight into how the 49ers offense worked. It’s from SI, so take it with a grain of salt... - Mc Daniel oversaw the running game - Shanahan was the play caller and schemed the play-action passing game - LaFleur worked on the drop-back passing game, which according to the article, was very basic and designed to beat coverages It seems both LaFleur and Mc Daniel do the bulk of the game planning during the week and hand it over to Kyle on game day. Seems like LaFleur has got enough experience in the planning phase and I’m sure he can leverage Mc Daniel’s running concepts and Kyle’s overall implementation. Seems like they all worked closely putting everything together. I’m excited and hopeful, but the one thing we’re all going to need is patience. On both sides of the ball. It’s going to take time to get the base packaged installed, then moving to more complex schemes as existing players learn and we get better personnel.
  8. There’s nothing on the plate but gristle and fat 😄

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