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  1. I’m torn on this... I’ve got to choose between the Ravens or Vikings ‘D’ for my FF playoffs... /s
  2. No idea, perhaps due to the insane number of carries he got that year? I just think he’s still got some left in the tank, but I don’t think we’ll get a chance to see it in a Jets uniform
  3. I don’t think he’s a decrepitly broken down ‘old’ back; it’s just, as others have said before, Bell’s patient running style will not work with this OLine. Just not a fit at this point
  4. Wonder how much money goes into earthquake-proofing this thing... Figure that must be a huge expense
  5. I would... On second thought, I’d include hookers as well.
  6. It’s not that bad, they give you that “Mothers Milk” (stuff that Michael Jackson OD’d on) and your out. 90 minutes later, boom your wide awake. Stuff is amazing
  7. Marrone is pissed, going to run up the score big time, if he gets the chance
  8. I loved Robbie appearing as the Sun
  9. I think this what Hell would be like, an eternity of watching this game over & over
  10. OK, your off to Indy. Straight up for this gal, she’s got the measurables and just the right amount of ‘flair’

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