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  1. I agree, there were a lot of ?’s about him, playing weight was a big one. Those 2 posters stood out as big proponents from pretty early on.
  2. @Philc1 & @RobR were very high on him...
  3. To Sam’s credit, he seems to have overcome the ‘looping’ throwing motion and made it more compact. To me, his biggest issue, is still not stepping into his throws. That is his biggest weakness and one that will prevent him from being elite...
  4. Apparently it won’t be and that’s the biggest problem with this org...
  5. Bummer, hopefully it gets sorted out soon. It just might take some time to clear out. I’ll post an update if I start seeing it again. BTW, @Maxman here’s a screenshot of the issue, in case you need it:
  6. Hey @jetophile, are you still having these issues? I was having them too, so I logged out and back in again and that seemed to fix it...
  7. Agree, what about a silent count? All he needed was a foot (no Rex jokes please 😀)

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