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  1. Exactly this…. These guys are all about draft capital and positional value. Trading draft capital is a sin, trading draft capital for a RB before the 4th round is blasphemy
  2. Thank you, Jamal Adams, thank you!
  3. Yeah, they were very positive about the 1st round. They weren’t thrilled with the trade up to get Hall though, called it a luxury pick and quoted the ‘never take a RB before R3’ gospel
  4. Thanks for these updates @Lith!
  5. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of
  6. Burks at 10, Jameson at 38? Overkill?
  7. All the best vibes to you and your wife Phil. My wife was diagnosed with stg 4 colon cancer last year, given 2 years. It ******* sucks, but we must keep plowing ahead… It’s easy to fall into a depressed state, I’ve found talking to a therapist has really helped. There are things you just can’t talk about with friends/family. Take care and all the best to you and your wife!
  8. I’ve had pretty much the same symptoms, with the added bonus of diarrhea. Started on 12/23 with a stomach bug, then the omicron symptoms stared on Monday
  9. 100% on the bolded AFC: Bengals NFC: Rams SBC: Rams
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