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  1. It’ll be interesting if Joe D incorporates a similar philosophy and if/how it’ll impact the J. Adams contract.
  2. Reminds me of the ‘85 Bears and how Ditka used the ‘Fridge’. What started out as payback to Bill Walsh, got them using Perry in all sorts of offensive plays
  3. Jackson Mahomes Rodgers Wilson Watson Tannehill Garoppolo Cousins
  4. Tried hard to piss fans off, that’s for sure: “I’m sorry but it gotta be said!” Roberts wrote. “All y’all fake ass fans f—in kill me wit dat negative s—, if u gon rock wit us then rock wit us but if u ain’t shut tf [the f—] up please & go like another team! And another thing y’all need to stop @’n players talkin crazy becaus (sic) y’all known dam well you wouldn’t buss a dam grape in a fruit fight! Ok i’m done have a nice day!” Both these guys need to go...
  5. That 1.6% body fat, can’t be right. “You need body fat for cellular function, energy use and to pad the joints and organs, men require at least 3 percent body fat and women at least 12 percent in order for the body to function properly, Garber said. Below that is where you start to see serious health problems. Sometimes it leads to organ failure and death” https://abcnews.go.com/Health/legendary-bodybuilder-died-body-fat-lives/story?id=29899438
  6. Drafted him for my fantasy team, disappointing season. Seems like he fell out of favor with Arians. I like that lineup, hope we can retain Anderson, just don’t think he’ll sign a ‘team friendly’ deal, as is his right.
  7. Haven’t heard anything regarding TEs, highest rated is in the 50s. Might have to go FA... Hopefully, one of Griffin or Herndon stays healthy next year. Would be tremendous if both were...
  8. Sucks that Griffin will miss so much time with his injury... Do we draft another TE, to be safe?
  9. You bring up some really good points, especially with the ‘culture’ JD wants to build around the organization. When I look at Jamal, I see many positives things that you listed above. For me personally, the only thing I don’t like, is the some of his Twitter comments, especially around the trade deadline... The question for me, is do you pay someone, who plays a non-impact position, as much as you would pay someone in that impact role? Would you pay Jamal the salary of a #1 WR or a starting LT? He’s a good player, plays with heart, loves the team, but I can’t honestly say he makes so much of an impact, that I’d pay him that much. As for losing him in a trade, it would hurt now - we’d have to find his replacement, via FA or draft. But if we can get someone who does 70- 80% of what he does, for a fraction of the price, plus getting draft capital, would be a huge win.
  10. Good points, my problem with manufacturing the rush, is it typically involves 7-8 guys blitzing. We’ve got decent guys in the middle, would be nice to get that guy exploding in from the edge with speed. Just creates havoc for the QB... I watched a few Rams games and it was hard to stop both Donald & Fowler, not saying we have the personnel like those two, yet... I’d still like us to draft our OL, hopefully draft 2 starters and 1 project that can start at least by next year. If we do go FA, just get someone can do a decent job for a year or two until the draft picks can step in. I would avoid the FA WRs, this draft is supposedly deep with them. Grab a true #1 WR in the first 3 rounds and one or more in the later rounds. Agree on drafting the CB, if a good one is available, may have to take him early, though not in the first 2 rounds. As far as Jamal goes, I have no doubt we could sign him, I just think those resources could be used in a more prudent way.
  11. I don’t know about tweaking, when we need at least 3 OL, 2 WRs, 1 CB, 1 EDGE, etc
  12. God, I hope not... IIRC, he’s under contract for another year, perhaps if he improves on his outstanding season, I’d consider it, but not now... Hard to justify spending $15M per year(25% of this years available cap space) on that position (S)
  13. Holy hell is he quick... I think someone used the phrase “twitchy”, great description. Insane to be that mobile @ 6’5 - 315
  14. You could tell by the feet in the avatar
  15. 1) The same reason we hear why teams don’t “tank” for better draft position... They’re fiery competitors at heart. 2) They have 4 wins playing against the bottom teams in the league
  16. While I agree, I don’t think it would be prudent to get rid of him this year... Hopefully this off-season produces some good/decent players through FA and the draft, especially OLine & WR. But if we get similar results next year, GHTFO
  17. Can we get the billboard guys to change the pic from a clown to Rodney Dangerfield??
  18. We are also a dysfunctional franchise, so his record is 28-34... To me, that doesn’t instill a ton of confidence. To others, it seems to be completely ignored. Postings that state “he has a winning record”, “his teams are competitive” are just not true and are justified by excuses and what-if’s: injuries, bad management, lack of weapons, etc. I’m hoping he and Douglas turn this thing around and I do agree that the billboards are overkill, but I just hope we don’t just keep making excuses if things remain status-quo and retain underperforming personnel for too long.
  19. https://memes.yarn.co/yarn-clip/a45491db-cb68-4861-a5ae-445210b430a5#r1cStXBrCB.copy

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