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  1. Hey you still think this team is making the playoffs. Enjoy it. Let me know how it goes
  2. It would send a message. Just imagine an empty stadium on TV.
  3. I am a PSL/ season ticket holder. Is there any way to organize the season ticket holders to show their displeasure by not showing up and not selling your tickets to a game. It would really make a statement to have the stadium 75 percent empty.
  4. This is an absolute slap in the face to PSL purchasers
  5. And you don't think telling a guy who just had one of the best jet qb seasons, that he is fighting for a job with Geno Smith would be a slap in the face??
  6. i just want a qb w upside that could play if needed. Manziel may bust, but at this point there is still a chance he develops. Anyone that saw him play in college saw some great stuff.....
  7. Would you trade 3rd rounder for Johnny Football?
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