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  1. McCown week 1. Baker Mayfield week 15.
  2. Sign Cousins. Worry about drafting a QB in a few years.
  3. Praying the Jets have a new RB, QB, C, and OC in 2018. I personally don't care if the OC is Morton or someone new. The Jetiian way of thinking is to cry over John Morton. Not one poster here knew who he was two years ago. The Jets need a QB and some skill players. John Morton, and most OC's are Jags.
  4. Get Cousins and Haley. I can't believe people care about the firing of a 1st time play caller oc.
  5. Sign Cousins. Draft his eventual replacement in a few years. Cousins/Hack for 2018!
  6. GET COUSINS! Keep building through the draft. Sign Cousins and Lawrence. Draft CB at 6 or trade back from 6 for an Olineman. OR, sign Cousins and Trumain Johnson. Draft Chubb at 6. Sign the already established QB without trading assets to get 1. Win Win.
  7. Sign me up. He immediately becomes one of the franchise's best qbs. Jets CAN afford him. He solves the QB issue for 5 years. What more can you ask for. Sent from my [device_name] using http://JetNation.com mobile app
  8. The simple solution is don't click any other their (manish, conner, cimini, Costello) daily click bait media. They keep retweeting nonsense because fans click and then get agitated. What have any of these reporters ever told you that you cant find here?
  9. just enjoy the ride. 2018 will hopefully land a legit franchise QB and 80 million in cap space to fix the offense line. Patience!
  10. Why is everyone freaking out! The jets are not going to win many games. It's not as though McCown was brought here for a playoff run. He's fine. He knows the offense. He's 38! He doesn't need the reps. They are trying to find a legit #2 QB and also trying to develop the kids. My God Jets fans and the Jets beat reporters are such sallies! freaking out over every little thing!
  11. I'm sure there's going to be a WR cast off from another team this Summer that the Jets will pick up, or, they'll need to make a trade. How can you possibly evaluate Hack with Robby Anderson as his now #1 WR. Decker was a pro. We all know they are mailing 2017 in but you still need to have some level of professionalism.
  12. Unless Hack goes 10-6 and plays lights out, Jets are drafting a QB in rd 1 of 2018 draft. They wont make Idziks mistake again. Right now they have no QB's. Even if Hack proves he can be a NFL QB #1 or #2, they still need to find another. Think Brees/Rivers situation. Chances are Hack will show some potential in 2017 and also show that he's a not a can't miss player. Keep drafting a QB till you find one.
  13. Get me Adams. If not then maybe Fournette. Adams can instantly stabilize the secondary. I'm even willing to trade a future pick to move up 1 to get him.
  14. Jets haven't had a good safety since Kerry Rhodes. If they think Jamal Adams can be a star than yes, I'd be ok drafting him in the first round.
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