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  1. I'd take fournette, then make a trade with someone and get that mccafferty kid
  2. Fournette is a beast, game changer, is a lock to be a top tier RB. Cook is great too, one step behind fournette
  3. They have to keep him, they have basically no other option
  4. I doubt the Vikings keep both Bradford and bridgewater
  5. He won't miss any time. You girls are full of estrogen. with Marshall out, Anderson will see some playing time. I hope he gets some looks
  6. Texit stage left jj squat and pee deangelo dropkins Brock osweiiler
  7. The jets scored 37 points on that team, and made it look easy
  8. Do you think kc or Seattle are saying the jets are an easy win?
  9. Kc looks like it has trouble putting up points. Seattle oline is not doing Russell any favors (which happens to be our strength). It's looking like wins over both is very possible!!
  10. Zero sacks tonight, I think the game plan was to contain Taylor which worked pretty well. I expect to see the same against Russell Wilson. But non mobile qb's better look out (Brady, rothlisburger, Palmer.)
  11. At least bills and dolphins lost, hopefully pats lose too
  12. Get to the qb early and often. Need at least 2 turnovers
  13. Moore is a pu$$y that is afraid to be a starting qb
  14. Beat the Patriots and the Dolphins who beat the patriots If you like stats only then he had the best season statistically of any jets qb in recent history
  15. the team loves him and plays tough for him, he has a special connection with those guys, id give him a couple years at a decent number. He had the best year as a jets qb in a very long time
  16. Who is going to fill the role of making the fair catch?
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