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  1. 2 hours ago, southtown24th said:

    Worst Owners in Sports.


    Yeah.  The only other owners even in the discussion are James Dolan and Dan Snyder, but even they are a distant second.

    The only real winner yesterday was Trevor Lawrence who won't have to pull a John Elway or an Eli Manning and refuse to play for a dumpster fire franchise.  I guess you could argue that Sam Darnold was a winner, to the extent that getting to play another season for Johnson and Gase is "winning" anything.

    Amazing that what are arguably the worst-managed franchises in professional sports are located in New Jersey, Washington DC and New York City.  Blame it on Amtrak?

  2. I have a hard time imaging Lawrence coming to the Jets unless the Johnsons sell the team in the next 90 days and the new owner fumigates the place by April..  I also doubt that Fields would be excited about it either.

    Lawrence has been going to the Mannings' summer QB camp since High School and is apparently close to Peyton.  There's really no way they will stand back and let him come to this dumpster fire.


  3. On 3/9/2016 at 8:15 AM, Jetfan13 said:

    Why would Denver give Fitz 15 mill on the down side of a career but not Osweiler who is younger, been in the program and helped Denver win the SB as much as Earl Morrel helped the fins go undefeated? Makes no sense, Elway wont go there.

    I have no idea where Elway's gonna go, but, clearly something went wrong between Elway and Osweiler a while ago, given Elway's comments about Osweiler after he left (words to the effect that "we want players who want to be Broncos") and given his lack of props to Osweiler after the SB win in February (he WAS the QB when they won the most important regular season game they played--against the Patriots--and avoided Peyton having to play the final game of his career in a cold and snowy Foxboro for the AFC Championship).


  4. I think the right answer is "It's too early to tell."  The only negative is that after a hot start other teams seem to have adapted to his approach.  But, in general, I like what i see in Bowles and don't think it's too smart to surrender to mid-season grumbling.  They're 5--4 and in the middle of the Playoff picture halfway through the season with a journeyman QB whom nobody is comparing to Brady or P. Manning and who has played hurt for three games.  


    PS: Mods.  Why is this showing as my first post?  I'm not a heavy hitter but I have a lot more than one.  Thanks.

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