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  1. Have to pray that he comes back the same player because he adds so much vertality to the offense.
  2. Now that is the season is over I wanted to take a look back at Enunwa’s 2016 season to see what the Jets will be getting back in 2018.
  3. In terms of the worst groups it’s QB/O-line/CB/OLB. Even though I would rather attack OLB before CB. That O-line question is going to bring out a long response. So let’s start with cut without taking into considering their contracts (like they didn’t exist) and that they all needed to be cut for whatever reason. 1. Johnson 2. Shell 3. Winters 4. Carpenter 5. Beachum. Now many believe because they are realing in past seasons/preforcmences of both Winters/Carp that they are both having good seasons. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth and I have plenty of evidence to support that they have both been absolutely terrible (Winters is slightly excuses because of his torn abnominal muscles). Beachum has been far and away the best offensive lineman this year which trust me, I know that’s not saying much. But now if we talk contracts it’s gets really tricky but let me start by saying I would never cut Shell because he isn’t getting paid much but I’ll just say “cut” for everybody instead of keep as a backup. 1. Wesley Johnson and it’s obvious why. 2. Shell because he won’t count for much of any dead money (117k which is nothing) and I understand that he has room to grow etc but from an athletic standpoint I don’t think he has the power/speed to develop into a long term RT. 3. Carpenter basically because of his cap hit compared to Winters. Carp would have a 2.1 dead cap hit and 4.7 in savings so it would make sense more then Winters. Don’t think it would happen because the Jets have to ask themselves if he is worth 4.7 mil + a shot to bounce back to his form of his first two years with the Jets. Something I’ve heard a lot for both Winters/Carp is People puttting most of the blame on Johnson for their poor play. Now yes SOME of the blame can fall on Johnson (not calling right protections, not helping on combo blocks etc) but if I was to put a % on how much is Johnson it’s only about 15-20%. There are plenty of plays of both of them getting blown up or not being able to even hold blocks on linebackers in the second level. 4. Winters because the Jets would be hit with 7 mil in straight dead with 0 money saved + the guy had a torn abdomen for most of the season which describes some of his problems, but again not all. With that I still thought even prior to this season that Winters was an average RG at best. 5. Beachum, the jets would save 2.5 but still get hit with 7 mil in dead money. With this I’m also considering how hard it is to find a startin caliber LT. They aren’t available in free agency often and when they are teams have to pay a boatload the bring them in. Also in the draft it’s hard to find one, especially a guy who steps in right away and plays well (or even starts right away as the LT and not RT OG etc). We have also seen MANY bust at LT in just the last few years. Hope that answered your question!
  4. Last film review of the 2017 season! Stay tuned as now I will be putting out some individual players season reviews! Next one up is Quincy Enunwa’s 2016 season to see what the Jets are getting back in 2018.
  5. It’s not a lack of understanding on the receivers part. It’s Petty’s lack of understanding of how to adjust to the WRS. Saw it multiple times this game like when ASJ ran a hitch and drifted to the sideline to find the soft spot in the zone...Petty missed him. Kearse released inside instead of outside to take advantage of the CBS leverage and Petty failed to adjust...missed him.
  6. He is being used ALL over the field (which is why I actually excuse some of his bad play) he is a force player/edge/blitzer/weak side LB/SS/man on TE/playing in deep coverage. But he is most definitely being used more then most safeties around the LOS. In terms of tackling I agree with you. Adams misses a decent amount of tackles because he dives at ankles and RBs either jump him or just fight through the contact. So he starts a lot of tackles but the runner either falls forward for an extra 2-3 yards or Jet teammates have to clean it up. Marcus Maye has undoubtably approved in tackling. Not in terms of form, but in terms of Aggressiveness. Earlier in the year I saw Maye hesitating, wise stance and waiting for the running back to make the first move which lead to a good amount missed tackles. Now he will be super aggressive and come at runners which leads to less missed tackles.
  7. Appreciate that! The entire secondary was absolute garbage this game. Allowing 366 yards on 19 attempts is beyond bad. Anderson has been getting a TON of easy of easy yards underneath as he has 7-10 yards of cushion a lot of the time.
  8. Link to the entire moment on Twitter
  9. Adams was in man coverage on Dickson. When Dickson motioned Adams moved with him. Adams thought Dickson was trying to leak out under the formation. Even if Dickson stayed Adams would be a force player. Still no reason for both middle backers to be cheating towards Cam. So it wasn’t all on Adams at all.

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