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  1. Videos got clearer this week as I learned to record off of my computer instead of recording on my phone. Saying this for bump purposes.
  2. Don’t think it’s him being overanixious, just think it’s him being able to easily ankle tackle people in college. Most of the times he is making the tackle but people are falling forward for an extra yard or two which obviously matters. Hope to see it fixed soon because one of those ankle tackles will be broken for a big gain.
  3. REALLY excited to announce that the JetNation Radio podcast is now a watchable show on TouTube where we share and breakdown film live on camera! Check it out and subscribe to the JetNation YouTube channel! With that, here is this version of the film review.
  4. It’s the easy route to take to answer the question with both, but it’s true, it is a combination of the players and the coaches. With that I believe it’s more the players. They come out hot and then really fizzle out towards the end of the game. Jags game Powell/McCown 85+ yard fumble recovery= players. McCown INT vs the Pats before halftime leading to a score, inability to run the ball (which is absolutely necessary with a bad QB) and giving the ball back to Brady which seemed like 45,000 times (some truly BS calls also helped the pats, and I’m not being biased at all), Dolphins game Jets getting 7 penatlities (5 accepted) in the 4th quarter is absolutely unacceptable where there was times they were actually moving a bit but a team without a ton of talent, starting behind the 8 ball isn’t a key to success. Blame also goes to the coaches, at least for this game against Miami. They were a little bit too conservative on offense but that’s usually expected when a team has a 14 point lead. But the real problem was the defense, multiple times in the breakdown I pointed out the Jets being way to conservative on defense. Playing a ton of soft zones, only sending 3/4 guys which is getting away from what got them the lead in the first place, where I believe coaches should do what they have been doing until the other team figures it out.
  5. Agreed that there is absolutely no excuse for it.
  6. There was a play here or there but still no reason to throw a helmet and get a penalty. Yes he did have the inside but there was a safety overtop both to the he right and left, they move once the pocket collapsed. Not like he was open for a huge gain or TD.
  7. Appreciate all of the support from the breakdowns! Ask away if you have any specific questions. Also keep in mind I didn’t record all of the Jets 12 penalties for 124 yards because that would be overkill. Don’t forget if you like these I also host JetNation Radio every Tuesday night, where I break down a good amount of these plays + some storylines surrounding the Jets! Enjoy!
  8. Check it out guys! I post my film review on here that I get some good response from, check out the show I host along with Glenn aka AFJF and listen to use break down both the Jets on the field and storylines surrounding the team, let us know what you guys think!
  9. For all of the people on here who comment offering some kind words. You can also check out my podcast JetNation Radio along with my co-host Glenn Naughton, known on here as AFJF. We break down a lot of this film I put out by in audio form as long as other relevant storylines surrounding the Jets. I would appreciate it if you guys checked it out if you haven’t already!
  10. Thanks BeerFish. They will keep coming and then hope to do some more player reviews in the offseason!
  11. Thanks for the kind words! The offense is 26th in the league in points scored per game as it stands today. People were estimating that this might be one of the worst offenses in league history so the fact that they are better then 6 teams is above my own personal expectations. McCown has been what most of us expected. A QB who won’t lose games but at the same time won’t win them for you and he is put into a tough spot with this running game. He misses some throws like this game on 4th and 17 where he didn’t see a wide open receiver for a 1st down, Tomlinson on a drag (innacurate) or he will throw ball like he shouldn’t (picked ball on out route to Anderson).but at the same time he makes some good plays getting out of the pocket and waiting for guys to come open. Usually a team with a bad QB will try to run the ball a lot (Sanchez 2009/10) but unfortunately the Jets don’t have the luxury of doing that because the offensive line in the run game has been absolutely dreadful minus a few plays here and there. In terms of the other guys on offense. I definitely like what Morton has done so far other then a few spot plays where he calls for a play that the ball is thrown short of the first down mark on third and expects the receiver to make a play. But for the most part he has exceeded my expectations. ASJ has been the best TE since Keller by a wide margin, Kearse/Kerley have been extremely reliable when called upon. Now for Anderson, he has been basically what he was last year in my eyes without taking a true step forward in terms of route running. You see Anderson succeed on 9 routes a lot which is very obvious because of his ridiculous play speed. In terms of other routes (crossers/outs/comebacks/slants etc) he succeeds much more when corners play off and Anderson sells the deep route as the CBS will flip their hips and start running deep, then Anderson cuts back and makes the easy catch. But when the corners are pressed up on him he really struggles creating separation out of his breaks (see rounded routes a lot) , has a tough time working back to the ball and struggles with contested catches. Not saying he won’t improve on this as he is only a UDFA in his second year but I’m not sure with his frame he will be ever to drastically improve as a route runner minus the deep threat (which is very important in any offense).