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  1. What, in your opinion, does a thread titled "fitz apologists", imply? A thread in which you - an obvious Geno fan-boy who tries to hide behind verbosity - seem to have delighted in participating in?
  2. LOL Way to sneak the Geno excuses in there in the last paragraph. Your lips are so securely affixed to Geno's sack that you can't see straight. Then again, given the view from down there, I don't blame you for looking cross eyed at the reality of the situation.
  3. I don't know what people think. I think he was doing it before Brady, but perfected it while Brady was there.
  4. Geno could play with Jerry Rice, John Stallworth and Randy Moss in their prime and he still would have screwed the pooch.
  5. I think the Pats rise to glory has more to do with cameras and radio frequencies than anything else.
  6. You're confusing verbosity with intelligence.
  7. Exactly. But, that's a difficult concept for SAR Edwards to understand.
  8. We'd be 0-4 with Geno. Now go away.
  9. Really? I've seen Kelly posting for a decade on various Jets websites. I thought she was a 21 year old Swedish chick who never ages. Man, now I lost my boner.
  10. fitz apologists

    Is that including spell check?
  11. Kelly, you are so pretty. Will you go out with me?
  12. Penalties, Penalties, Penalties....

    Maybe they should change the entire penalty process in football. Go to some sort of modified basketball/football/hockey penalty system when not only are you penalized yardage, but players who commit penalties have to sit out for a certain amount of time (like hockey), say one or two plays. Then, if a player commits a certain number of penalties he has to leave the game (like basketball), say five penalties. That would definitely cut down on the number of penalties.
  13. fitz apologists

    Two seconds. Google "Geno Smith" How long did you spend thinking of this insightful reply?
  14. fitz apologists

    I don't, but Brian Costello of the NYPost does. Let's see what he had to say in yesterday's Post...just out of curiosity. http://nypost.com/2015/10/05/jets-rewind-the-wild-ryan-fitzpatrick-ride-still-better-than-geno/ "...Fitzpatrick has two things Smith did not. Fitzpatrick can read defenses. His interceptions mostly come from poor throws. Smith rarely seemed to know what he was looking at with defenses and threw a lot of terrible interceptions right to a defender. Fitzpatrick also has a calming presence for the entire team. The Jets believe in Fitzpatrick. They never believed in Smith. Fitzpatrick is a veteran who has seen it all. That is a reassuring thing for his teammates. He also has a steady demeanor. He always seems to be in a good mood. The man has five kids. Football is the easy part of his day. Smith is moody and unpredictable. He also has a cockiness about him without the resume to back it up. That rubs teammates the wrong way."